Monday, April 16, 2012

Love to be back in Lovett

Crazy On You
Lovett, Texas #2
Rachel Gibson
Released May 1st, 2012
Source: Avon Addicts

What a delight to have the chance to visit Lovett, Texas again, which also happens to be the setting for Rachel's Newest Release, Rescue Me, on May 29th.

I was a huge fan of Daisy's Back in Town, the storyline, the characters and the crazy, secondary characters that make up a great Romance.  One of those characters was Daisy's sister, Lily Darlington, who was having a bit of trouble dealing with her cheating ex-husband. 

She gets a little "Crazy" and the nickname kind of sticks with her.  So eight years later, we meets her again, she is a business owner, a mother to Pippen, who is now ten years old, and she has a couger crush on her new next-door neighbor, Tucker Matthews. 

Tucker is retired military and  has just recently moved to Lovett to start a new life with his cat Pinky.  He just happens to move in next to a gorgeous woman and her son.  The mutual attraction sparks between them, but nothing like the heat that flames in Lily's kitchen on afternoon when Tucker offers to bring in her groceries.

The book is a novella, so I don't want to give too much away.  I will say, Tucker is quite charming and Lily is quite susceptible to that charm, but she is also aware that she is a few years older than Tucker and that seems to keep her at a safe distance from really falling for him.  But Tucker doesn't back down when he wants something, and he wants Lily.

It was so wonderful to see a few old friends in Crazy On You, and I really enjoyed getting to read Lily's story, which we have all been waiting for.  I would love to see more of Rachel's books get a small novella conclusion using other characters from her books. 

I would suggest reading Daisy's Back in Town first, if you have not yet read it, since there is information that you would want to know, and since the parts with Lily in them were so funny, you may just need to read it for the comedic factor, aside from the fact that the book is AMAZING.

So read Daisy's Back in Town now, and then Pre-Order, Crazy On You.  You won't be sorry you did. 

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