Sunday, April 29, 2012

Handsome Heroes Under Fire

Under Fire
Elite Force #3
Catherine Mann
Released May 1st, 2012
384 Pages
Sourcebook Casablanca
Source: NetGalley/Publisher

So after six months of unanswered phone calls, Rachel Flores finally shows up with an interesting story and the only person she trusts to help her is the same man who she was trying to forget.

 Pararescueman, Liam McCabe knows Rachel wouldn't come to him if she wasn't in serious trouble and he plans to find out who is trying to keep her quiet.

I think Hot Zone is still my favorite of the three books, but Under Fire gives it a run for its money.  Not only do we FINALLY get to see what has happened since Liam and Rachel met in the Bahamas six months ago, but we get a secondary romance between a retired military policeman, Brandon and Catriona, the woman who has been in love with him from afar.  I truly enjoyed watching each couple deal with their individual struggles as they try to stay alive while trying to distinguish the enemies from the good guys.

The best part about this book was our hero, Liam.  His psycho-babble had me cracking up at times and then crushing my heart in others.  I think he might always hold a piece of my heart, for the little boy who just wanted to find true love and have a family.  I was cheering for Liam and Rachel through page after page of danger and was quite frustrating.  Thank God for Cuervo...and I am NOT talking about Tequilla.

The fact that Catherine Mann wrote Rachel as a owner of rescue dogs, as well as Catriona, made it all the more special to me.  As the momma of two beautiful rescue dogs, its always makes my heart feel good when I read about other wonderful pups getting a second chance at life.  Another reason that Under Fire will stay with me, and that's saying a lot.

For anyone who fell in love with Liam in Hot Zone, you will need to read Under Fire.  I didn't think he would pull me in like he did, all that charm and heroism...definitely worth the read, and I wouldn't mind if Catherine keeps going with this series, I think there are a few more handsome heroes that I wouldn't mind watching crumble under the "Elite Force" of a strong woman.

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