Monday, February 13, 2012

Take a Shot with this one

Taking Shots
Assassins #1
Toni Aleo
475 Pages
Published by Amazon
Source: Reviewer Purchased


While photographing the Assassins Hockey Team for their publicity shoot, Elli Fisher finally meets Shea Adler face to face, since she has been his biggest fan from afar for years.  He is struck by her beauty and tells her so, but Elli being insecure about her newly, filled out figure, she doesn't think anything of it. 

Until Shea has his sister, and party planner, Grace, hire Elli to take pictures at his Team Party, and from then on the two are inseparable.  Well, except for her insecurities, which always seems to be between them and prevents her from moving forward with the physical parts of their relationship.  As you keep reading, you learn why Elli is so hung up on her physical appearance. 

Shea Adler, is your classic Hockey hottie, but her grows to care for Elli, but he can never do enough to prove that he wants to be with her and ONLY her.  He is being punished for her past and he tells her the same.  I won't give away the ending, but these two have MANY issues to overcome before they will make it.

I will say I LIKED this book.  I won't say I LOVED IT, because anyone who reads this blog knows that I don't throw that word around a lot.  I have two occasions when that word is used, either I have sat up all night long until the book is finished because I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN, or I have bawled my eyes out so bad that I have to stop reading because I can't see the words through the tears.

It's not that I found Elli annoying, or whiney....I just thought she needed to get over it....In the nicest way possible.  I felt like Harper, her best friend, trying to tell her she was beautiful and to believe that this wonderful guy ACTUALLY DID like her, or was even falling in LOVE with her.  I understood where Elli was coming from, but I wanted to smack her in the head so she would stop being so stupid when it came to Shea.  He loved her, and he was trying to prove it with all he had, but she was just so stuck in the past.

Aside from wanting to smack her, I really liked Elli.  She is just the kind of girl that I would have been friends with.  She was a hard worker and she loved what she did, without using her families money to get by.  She liked a good beer after a long day and she loved sports.  How can you not want to be friends with her. 

Shea Adler was adorable and frustrated and falling for a girl who he couldn't fully have until she would believe his words of adoration, and that can be difficult, but Shea handled it like a TRUE HERO, and he just kept reassuring her about how he felt, and for that, he gets a GOLD STAR for GREAT HERO from me.

I have to say that I really enjoyed the secondary romance between Harper and Jakob, another assassins player and Shea's best friend.  I think I actually would have like to see a bit more of their relationship. 

All in all, I really LIKED Taking Shots.   I will DEFINITELY be reading the next book in the series, Trying to Score, which is coming this spring.  And I will be keeping my eye out for more book by Toni Aleo, she is one to watch!!




jen shields said...

I love how honest your reviews are, Lisa! Well done. Even though I'm more into paranormals the majority of the time, the aspects you discussed regarding the characters make me want to grab a copy and formulate my own opinions :) Once again, a very enticing and honest review!

Amy Jarecki said...

Hi Lisa - I headed over here from RWA Online. Hope you are enjoying Lynette's class, and it's good to meet you and read your comments!