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Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor
Friday Harbor #1
Lisa Kleypas
Published Oct 26, 2010
211 Pages
St. Martin's Press
Source: Gifted by Lisa's Diva's
Reviewed by: Rach & Jennifer

As one of Lisa's Divas, I was given FIVE copies of this wonderful  book to distribute, in order to help promote the Upcoming Release of, Rainshadow Road, On February 28th, 2012, which is the second book in the Friday Harbor Series. 

I have been  fortunate enough to meet some FANTASTIC ladies through Facebook and asked each one of them to write me a review of Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor after they received their copy.  So THANK YOU to my fabulous friends, and fellow Tasty Readers, for saying such great things about the book, and I am so glad that you're all excited for the Upcoming release of Sam's book, Rainshadow Road!! 

And Don't worry ladies....Alex will have his moment in the spotlight soon enough!!

~ Lisa, A Tasty Read

I am thrilled that this book was recommended to me.

What a wonderful story (is it okay to call a story sweet, because that is exactly what it was)!!  How can a person not fall in love with the story line and the characters??

 Maggie, a widow is trying to move on with her life but is still grieving the loss of her husband to cancer. Mark, a bachelor becomes the guardian to his little niece Holly after Mark's sister dies in an accident. Holly has stopped talking since loosing her mother & nothing her uncles try works to get the precious little girl to talk again. Then one day Mark takes Holly to a toy shop(owned by Maggie)and with the "magic" of Fairies & Maggie, Holly starts to talk again. This story is about the romance between a confirmed bachelor who learns how to love & be loved and a widow who thinks she has nothing left to "give" after watching her husband's illness take over.
Holly is the most precious little girl that you find yourself cheering for all of them to have a "happy ever after"

I would highly recommend this story for anyone who is looking for a "feel good" story. In my opinion, you will not be disappointed

~ Rach T.

Disclaimer: My first Lisa Kleypas read.
That being said, I loved it. I didn’t quite know what to expect from Kleypas, but what I got was humor, holiday joy, and a bit teary-eyed at moments.
Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor is a shorter read than I’m used to, but it was short and sweet. So chemistry comes fast, and pinnacles quick. I was a little stunned when it was over already, but Kleypas tidied up the ending nicely, and I was still left satisfied.
Maggie Conroy is an adorable heroine, and is both realistic and relatable in her struggles to accept love after, *spoiler alert* becoming a young widow.
Mark Nolan. Although I wasn’t super duper attracted to him, I found his relationship with Maggie to be endearing, even though the beginning of their relationship had a rocky start. *Spoiler alert* Rocky start meaning another woman. That was kind of a turn-off for me. I don’t like men that feel they have to be with someone all the time, and just hold onto them until something better comes along…  But I must say, Kleypas did a wonderful job at keeping Nolan likable, and I did root for him and Maggie. They didn’t have explosive, hot chemistry to me, but I think that just makes the book more pleasing for a wider audience.
Being from the area, I have to say I was disappointed there wasn’t more homage paid to the area. I get off on long descriptions though, and I know some people hate those. Kleypas keeps it short and sweet. Not over the top, which is a good thing. I guess I’m just home sick, and I wanted more in the area of Evergreen State glorification.
Last words: I am recommending this book to my mom and my aunt, both love books with a good emotional pull, books that lack over-the-top descriptions. Chemistry between all of the characters was great. Tame read for those that that aren’t ready for bdsm scenes. No bondage or crazy sex play in this holiday novel ;) Kleypas keeps it cute and classy in Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor.
Lisa Kleypas gained another fan, and I’m dying to read one of her historicals. Oh, and if there’s a follow up to this book, I’m there. Sexy brother Sam has a vineyard with my name on it… I wouldn’t mind cheering up melancholy stud Alex either… Bring it on, Kleypas!

~Jennifer S.

** Have any of my other Tasty Reader read Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor??  Tell me what you thought??  Would love to hear from ALL OF YOU!!  Leave me a comment!!

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