Friday, January 13, 2012

Graffiti Moon Earns Stars

Graffiti Moon
Cath Crowley
Releasing Feb 14th, 2012
224 Pages
Random House Children's
Source: NetGalley

Graffiti Moon was a tale of hidden identity and finding ones true self through the eyes of another. 

Lucy Dervish, has just finished High School and vows that tonight will be the night that she finally sees Shadow, the mysterious Graffiti Artist, whom she has never met, but feels a TRUE connection to.  Lucy, also an artist, gets sucked into spending the night with Ed and Leo, one of them being the guy that she had a major crush on two years back, but their first and only date was very memorable, but more for how horrible it was. 

She agrees to spend the night hanging out with them, ONLY because they agree to help her find Shadow, who is actually Ed, but no one knows, and he has his own reasons for not wanting Lucy to know the truth, even thought in her heart, I believe, that she knew it all the time.

The book spans an entire night, where the group gets into trouble and some very hysterical adventures are had by Lucy and Ed, who start to really like each other by the time we finish the book.  Only there is that ex-girlfriend of Ed's that has been asking about him, and that "BIG" secret that Ed has been hiding from Lucy all night. 

I won't tell you the end, but I will say Graffiti Moon is so worth the read.  Cath Crowley transported me back to High School, the cute guy, the misunderstanding, the wanting to find your way.  Cath draws you into the lives of Lucy, Ed, Leo and Jazz and you will enjoy ever minute of it.

A definite TO-READ of 2012!!


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