Friday, January 20, 2012

Falling for Grant McCarthy

Falling For Love
Gansett Island #4
Marie Force
Released Jan 17, 2012
Published by Marie Sullivan Force
Source: Reviewer Purchased

Falling For Love brings us back to Gansett Island where we not just get a new romance, but we get peaks at all of our other Gansett friends, and take it from me...You will NOT be left UNSATISFIED!!  OK...maybe a little bummed when it is over...

From the first page of Falling For Love, I was already feeling my heart squeeze a little.  The way things begin for this hero and heroine was the result of Grant trying to make his ex-fiance, Abby, jealous.  Never a good start for any couple, right?

Don't thing progress and we get deeper into the story, and we get to watch Grant and Stephanie learn more about each other, and maybe....Fall in love.

I LOVED Stephanie from the start.  She may look tough on the outside, but she is a kind, caring and sensative soul on the inside.  But what I love the most about her is that she doesn't let Grant get his way and she calls him out on all his shit.....I LOVED IT!!  He needed someone to put him in his place and tell him to suck it up and stop being a baby!!  Sometimes when they fought I would be laughing hysterically!!

And the SEX......whew....SMOKIN ladies...SMOKIN!!  This book was a little steamier than some of her other books, and I have to say....Kinda liked it!! 

Not only do we get a wonderful love story here, but we get to see all of our old friends, Mac and Maddie, Big Mac, Tiffany, Luke and Syd, Joe and Janey,  Evan and Adam and we can't forget Ned!!  We also meet Laura McCarthy, a cousin of the group, who has her own secrets that she is hiding and the person she confides in might just be the guy she needs in her life!!  We are left with MANY lingering questions, which keeps us wanting MORE Gansett Series!!

We do get a sneak peak at Evan's book, coming in spring.  It's gonna be a good one!! 

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