Monday, December 5, 2011

Turn up the Heat this Christmas

Holiday Kisses
A Holiday Romance Collection
Alison Kent
Jaci Burton
HelenKay Dimon
Shannon Stacey
Released Dec 5th, 2011
313 Pages
Carina Press

Not Only does the Holiday Kisses Collection have four Amazing Authors introducing Four heartwarming Christmas Novellas, but I can't decide which one I like the best!  They all touched my heart in a different way and I really LOVE all of the Amazing Characters that we meet.

Alison Kent brings us This Time Next Year, with Brenna Keating spending a last few days with her Gran before she heads to Ethiopia for volunteer work as a nurse, when a horrible snow storm has her car skidding off the road. She is rescued by a handsome man on a horse, Dr, Dillon Craig, who takes her back to his place to get her out of the cold. Dillon, a neighbor of her Grans, takes an instant liking to Alison, and the sparks start flying. But Alison can't stay, she has obligations 8,000 miles away.

What happens in this story will touch your heart and squeeze until the very last page. Dillon steals your heart and you know exactly how hard it would be for you to leave him too!!

A Rare Gift by Jaci Burton, takes us back to one of our Favorite brothers, Cranky Wyatt Kent. We meet Wyatt again at the Day Care run by his Ex-Wife's younger sister, Calliope Andrews, where Wyatt is giving her an estimate for the extension she is having put on the Center. What Wyatt doesn't expect is to be attracted to the woman Calliope has turned into, she is beautiful and her smile lights up the room. Wyatt tries his hardest not to give into the attraction he feels for he, but she is not making it easy on him. Calliope has loved Wyatt for years and it is time he finally realized that she might be exactly what he always wanted.

Calliope was so likeable from the start, but I liked her more and more every page I read. She was strong, honest and she demanded the truth. Wyatt needed someone who looked at life from the same window he saw through, and Calliope was it, it just took him a little longer to figure it out!! Love these two, and Can't wait for Tori and Brody's Book....Oh boy it will be a steamer!!

It's Not Christmas Without You by HelenKay Dimon had me smiling from page one. Austin Thomas found out his on again, off again love of his life wasn't coming home to Holloway, West Virginia for Christmas this year, so he took Christmas to her in D.C. Carrie Anders has no defense against her feelings when it comes to Austin, but she can't forget that he let her go six months ago without a backward glance. Austin is determined to show Carrie what she means to him, and he won't leave until she agrees to come back home with him, but Carrie loves her new career. Will his love be enough for her to come home?

HelenKay does an amazing job with this Novella and I LOVED Austin, his determination, his Smile and knowing that he was so in love with her that he would let her go if that was what she really wanted. We have a heart pincher with this one!

Shannon Stacey gives us Mistletoe and Margaritas, which both things are the reason that Claire Rutledge and Yummy Justin McCormick get into trouble in the first place. Claire has relied on Justin as her best friend since her husband passed away two years ago. Justin has been in love with Claire for as long as he has known her, but after she lost her husband, who had also been Justin's Best Friend, he knew she needed him for a shoulder to cry on and nothing more. Things heat up one night and things get complicated, but before they lose each other for good, someone unexpected has a few words of wisdom for them both.

This one was a great story of love lost, new love and opening your heart to new possibilities. Loved it!!

Purchasing Holiday Kisses is a NO BRAINER BUY....Get it, make some hot cocoa, grab a throw and snuggle up for Four Tales of Christmas Romance. Love it...Hope they do another next year!!


Natalija said...

Lisa, your reviews are dangerous! They always are well written, capture my interest & it's impossible to resist buying new books.

A Tasty Reader said...

That is soooo nice to hear....I mean sorry to make you spend money....but I have some great giveaway's coming please keep an eye out. Tomorrow is Candis Terry and dec 18th-25th I am having "My Favorite Books" Giveaway!!

Joy said...

Shannon Stacey is one of my faves... I'll have to add this to the want-list! You have too many good suggestions Lisa!