Sunday, December 4, 2011

Best of the Series....SO FAR

Some Like It Hot
Rising Star Chef #2
Louisa Edwards
Published Nov 29th, 2011
352 pages
St. Martins Paperbacks
Source: Purchased by Reviewer

Some Like It Hot? 

I say 'Some Like This Book...A LOT!'

Louisa Edwards brings us the second book in the Rising Star Chef series and for me it might just be the best out of the ENTIRE Recipe For Love Series!!

We are finally able to dive into the head of sexy Pastry Chef, Danny Lunden.  Danny and Eva Jansen, the sassy socialite in charge of the entire RSC Competition, have sizzlin HOT chemistry, and that is just within the first few pages.

Eva knows that starting something with one of the RSC Contestants should be off limits, but fortunately for her, she was never one to follow the rules.  After a steamy kiss in the Hotel elevator, its GAME ON for Danny and Eva, but what was supposed to be 'Just For Fun' has turned into a mutual respect and could it be....LOVE?

As the pair agrees to Simmer Down, the RSC competition seems to Heat Up, and some contestants get Burned. 

Again I say, this is my FAVORITE book (so far) in the Rising Star Chef Series and out of the whole Recipe for Love series.  I only say "so far" because I LOVE strong, silent Beck and I think I will absolutely adore getting to know him better!

Danny and Eva have this "thing" between them, that grabs your attention at page one and keeps you reading until the very last page.  I know it seems cheesy to say this, but it was as though they were "MADE" for each other.  (I know they were...but it was so...REAL) 

After reading Too Hot To Touch, I wanted Danny to find someone who got him, who understood him and who needed him.  Eva was all of those things, but she also had him smiling, having fun and breaking all his rules.  She was exactly what he needed.  You won't be disappointed by their affair of the Heart!!

The love story is GREAT!  You find yourself routing for them the entire time!

Louisa is such a descriptive writer, using words that transport you to the pages.  So real, you almost feel as if you are right there, beside the chefs, chopping away, as part of the team. 

And the Kane/Claire relationship is KILLING ME!!  Every time they finally take a step forward, something happens to boot them back three steps!!  Ugh...Its killing me!!  But I did really enjoy getting to know Kane better, catching a glimpse into the mind of the adorable, sensitive rocker....He is so cute when is is all insecure...Like a trembling Virgin!!  haha

So, my vote is TWO THUMBS UP for Some Like It Hot.....get it, read it, love it!!

And we get a sneak peak at the Highly Anticipated, Hot Under Pressure, Henry Beck's story, which will be released March 2012...WOO HOO, Can't wait!!

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