Saturday, December 17, 2011

One Perfect Night is the Perfect Read

One Perfect Night
Rachael Johns
Releasing Dec 19th, 2011
Carina Press
Source: NetGalley

Even thought this book was slightly predictable, I LOVED It!  I loved Cameron, I loved Peppa, and I just loved One Perfect Night!  Rachael Johns definitely hits the nail on the head with this one.

Cameron and Peppa decide to continue a One Night Stand affair, even after he finds out that she actually works for his company.  He is tempted by her amazing curves, but also her smile.  Peppa had been though a bad break up and Cameron had lost his wife, so here we are with two people who are both cautious to get serious about anything but what happens between the sheets.

Well, its hard not to fall in love when you spend every night with a handsome, funny, amazing guy...That is the predicament Peppa finds herself in...among "Other" things.  But will Cameron stick around when faced with the exact thing he has said he wasn't looking for from the beginning?  Oh you have to read this amazing book to find out what happens!!

I had such a fun time reading One Perfect Night.  I enjoyed the flirty banter between Peppa and Cameron.  I was intrigued from page one and the speed kept up so nicely throughout the entire book, I never got bored!!  And with chemistry that sizzled on every page between these two...No wonder I couldn't put it down!!  I really, truly LOVED Peppa and Cameron.  Two lost, broken souls, who find one another and continue to lie to themselves that they are "Just having fun", when they are really "Falling In Love".  Ahhhhh....Loved it!!  And Cameron made me the little fairy costume....ohhh....Ok...Don't want to tear up again!!

Just READ IT!!

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