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Guest Blog by The Very Talented Stephanie Rowe

Today, A Tasty Read is Celebrating with Stephanie Rowe, who's FANTASTIC series, The Girlfriend's Guide to Boys, has been released as eBooks.  (The books originally published under pen name Stephie Davis)   Personally I am thrilled, as this is one of MY FAVORITE YA Series. 

So to Celebrate the Release and upcoming Holiday's, Stephanie has put together a laugh-out-loud Blog with advice for The Young Adult in your Life, who may need some Gift Giving Ideas for Family and Friends (or maybe her Crush).   

A Completely Serious, Entirely Altruistic Gift-Giving Guide for Teens

By: Stephanie Rowe

 Okay, it's the holidays. You know what that means? Christmas vacation. Sleeping in. Eating frosting out of the bowl when making Christmas cookies. And what else does it mean? Presents and gifts galore! But wait, you say, it's too much. It's too overwhelming. There are so many choices, I don't know where to begin!

 As, yes, this is true. That is one of the perils of December: gift idea overload. It can happen when buying gifts for others, when responding to queries about what you want, or when simply walking into a store and seeing all the frenzied shoppers running around with seventeen shopping bags, two carts, and a small wagon full of gifts.

 Fear no more! Your problems are solved! Panic begone! Why? Because today, my friends, you are going to be the oh-so-lucky recipients of the most amazing Top Eight Gift-Giving Guide for Teens. See below for a host of brilliant, creative and fantastically amazing gift ideas as generated by one of your most favorite authors ever… no… Stephenie Meyer didn't write the list. I did. But thanks, my ego is feeling great now.

 Okay, so here it is, some great gift ideas for others, so you can enjoy the spirit of giving on the holidays:

1)      Tell every author you meet in person, friend on Facebook or follow on twitter that they are your most favorite author ever. You will make their day and most likely prompt them to send you several boxes of free books and name the main character in their next book after you. Seriously. We authors are like that. So, go ahead. Practice on me.  Tell me I'm the best ever. I don't mind. I'm here to help.

2)      Tell your parents that you've decided to date only boys who are straight A students, love their parents and weed organic gardens every Friday night instead of going to parties. This will make their day, and you will have the joy of watching your parents make total idiots of themselves while they do the Snoopy happy dance. And then, as an added bonus, they will decide that you're such a great kid that you deserve to have your curfew eliminated and your own personal credit card with no spending limit. See how well it works when you give to others in a display of pure altruism?

3)      To everyone in your family, give a recording of the song, Grandma Got Run Over by a  Reindeer. It will be a lovely reminder to all of them about what will happen if they forget to treat you like the awesome rock star you are. Hoof prints on the forehead, anyone?

4)      Give a Kindle to your grandparents, especially if they still use a rotary phone. They will spend the rest of the night smiling because their hip, young granddaughter thought they were cool enough to own a Kindle. And in mid-February, when they've finally concluded that they prefer paper books to that high tech gadget, you can be nice enough to say yes when they ask you if you would like to have it. See? That gift gives you the chance to spread good will twice. Wow. Such a bonus.

5)      Give six copies of the ebook  PUTTING BOYS ON THE LEDGE to each person in your email address book.  They will love you for it. Seriously. You'll become the most popular person in your whole social circle, and what's better than popularity? And no, of course I didn't pick that book because I wrote it. I would never do that. *Stephanie blinks innocently.*

6)      Foster a litter of puppies for the Christmas holidays for an animal rescue group. The soft fur, little noses and oversized paws will make your heart dance every time you sit down in the living room. You will be giving those puppies the gift of life, and all the puppy-loving hot guys in your class will want to come over and see them. Your mom will be really, really appreciative of the cheerful barking filling the house as she bustles about getting ready for the holiday. And when the pups finally go off to their new homes, the house will seem so quiet and neat that you'll be able to rock your music as much as you want. Your parents won't bug you to quiet down, because even with all your noise, it'll still be like a peaceful meditation room in comparison to puppy central. You could get at least a month of chaos-making out of a litter of ten puppies. Plus, they're so cute!!! Me love puppies.

7)      Hot caramel apple cider from Starbucks. 'Nuff said.

8)      Give the cold shoulder to the guy in your class who you've been crushing on. See, here's the thing with guys. They just don't know how to handle girls, you know? They try to understand us, and they fail, then then spend hours lying in bed at night, staring at the ceiling, wishing they knew how to tap into our mysteries. It's when they are in that state of utter confusion, disorientation and insecurity that they're finally able to appreciate us and treat us the way we deserve (like the goddesses we are). If you're nice to him, then he thinks that he's got it all under control, and that annoying male ego kicks in. The one where he doesn't call when he says he will, when he forgets to compliment you on your new haircut. Urgh. But when you blow him off, everything changes for him. He gets insecure and wobbly, which makes him remember why he must work hard to be worthy of you. Put that guy on the Ledge. Seriously. Guys want to feel insecure enough to treat us well. You'll be doing him a favor, because you're just that kind of girl.

There we go. A super fantastic head start toward holiday shopping designed to bright light and love into the hearts of those you love. What cool gift ideas do you have this year? Let's share ideas and get some shopping done!

Thanks Stephanie...I am still laughing!!  I hope everyone will share this blog with the Young Adult in their life.  Speaking of those WONDERFUL (cranky, moody, broody) Young Adults in your life...Here is a list of some FABULOUS YA Authors, (aside from the fantastic Guest Blogger today) that have made a permanent home on our Favorites Shelf!  Books make great gifts for any Teen or Young Adult....and even make for a Fun Read for YOU!!

Older YA Authors to Check Out

Hannah Harrington (Saving June)
Kody Keplinger (The Duff)
Lauren Barnholdt (Two Way Street)
Simone Elkeles (Perfect Chemistry)
Kieran Scott (He's So/She's So)
Stephanie Perkins (Anna and the French Kiss)
Elizabeth Scott (Perfect You)
Elizabeth Eulberg (The Lonely Hearts Club)
Jennifer Echols (The One That I Want)
Miranda Kenneally (Catching Jordan)
Gayle Forman (Where She Went)
Susane Colasanti (When It Happens)
Sarah Dessen (This Lullaby)
Kristen Cast (House of Night Series)
P.C. Cast (House of Night)
Gena Showalter (Intertwined Series)
Meg Cabot (Underworld)

**There are SOOOO many more AMAZING YA Authors....these are just the few that came to the top of my head!!  If you know of ANY FABULOUS, NEED-TO-READ YA Books, please leave a comment with your suggestions!!  I ALWAYS need more recommendations!

Guest Blogger
Four-time RITA® Award nominee and Golden Heart® Award winner Stephanie Rowe is the nationally bestselling author of more than twenty published books with major New York publishers, including HarperCollins, Grand Center and Harlequin. Stephanie has received starred reviews from Booklist and high praise from Publisher's Weekly. In addition to her teen series, she is also published in romance (paranormal, contemporary and suspense), teen fiction, middle grade fiction and inspirational non-fiction. A former attorney, Stephanie lives in Boston where she is actively working on her next project. For more information on Stephanie, visit
**Other Great Reads from Stephanie
THE FEEL GOOD LIFE: witty, heartfelt & honest essays about getting thru the tough times in life
THE GIRLFRIEND’S GUIDE TO BOYS: teen romance “girl power” series
HOLD ME IF YOU CAN, Jan 2012: dark & sexy paranormal romance

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