Thursday, November 24, 2011

Today, Let's Give THANKS

Just wanted to wish EVERYONE a Very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving Holiday. 

Today is a day to be Thankful for the things we do have, our Family, our loved ones, some of the best friends anyone could ever ask for (especially our honorary family, The Bould's), an amazing Godson and beautiful niece, and honorary niece. 

 For two crazy, wonderful fur babies.  To be thankful for your family even if you don't see or hear from them Thankful that you still have a chance to contact them.  And remember all the family or friends that have passed on and know that they are watching down on you today with love!!

And be Thankful you sit around the table, looking at all the Delicious Food there is to eat.  There are many who will go without, so DON"T waste a single bite!!

And I am especially Thankful for my amazing husband, who aside from being my love, he is also my Best Friend.....Thank you babe for being with me today, and always!!  Love You!!

And almost forgot....Thank you for the Jellied Cranberry sauce....ok...

Happy Thanksgiving!

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