Thursday, November 24, 2011

Head Over Heels....For This Book

Head Over Heels
Lucky Harbor #3
Jill Shalvis
Released Nov 22nd, 2011
328 Pages
Forever Publishing

Ahhh.....Sawyer (swoon)...Finally we get to read about Sawyer naked.....I mean...Falling in Love, and with Chloe...Which is the best part.

I so enjoyed the build-up of this relationship since the first book.  We all know that animosity can sometimes be caused by attraction to another that you can't stand....or at least...don't want to be attracted to. This was what happened with Sawyer and Chloe. So much attraction caused sparks...and those sparks had quite the explosion when they rubbed together...If you know what I mean!!

The great part about Jill's books is that she doesn't write the same book over and over. Each character in the series has their individual relationship, with their personality and flair intact. The heroes are flawed, but real and the heroines are stubborn and sometimes hysterical. That was why I enjoyed not just Head Over Heels, but the whole Lucky Harbor Series, so far.

Can't wait to meet Hot-Mysterious Jogger Guy!!

This was a fantastic ending to the Sisters Trilogy and my heart was left feeling happy that Chloe and Sawyer ended up together....Did I doubt it, NO! But, I loved the way it ended, with him making his HOUSE into a HOME, with Chloe.....I sure do LOVE a happy ending!!

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