Sunday, November 6, 2011

Feisty Red-Head meets Rugged Cowboy

Against The Storm
Kat Martin
Released Oct 25th, 2011
400 Pages
Mira Publishing

Trace Rawlins has a thing for feisty red heads, but they all seem to have one thing in common, they can't be trusted, and Maggie O'Connell seems to be no different. Even if he does feel things he shouldn't be feeling every time she comes around. Maggie is being stalked. Notes on her car, hang up phone calls, but the police don't care. All they care about is a past mistake that makes her untrustworthy. Maggie need Trace's help, but can he put aside his personal feelings and help her find her stalker?

I hadn't read the first three books in the series by Kat Martin, but Against The Storm was a good stand alone book. To be honest, the book dragged slightly. By the middle of the book I didn't even care to find out who the stalker actually was. The suspense just didn't hold my interest, it was drawn out and no really exciting.

BUT, I will say that the CHEMISTRY between Trace and Maggie was OFF THE CHARTS HOTT!! I really enjoyed the love scenes between the two characters and was very much invested in seeing that things worked out between the two.

I also enjoyed the secondary relationship between Maggie's sister, Ashley and Traces' friend, Jason. Jason was such a sweetie and exactly what Ashley needed in her life. I liked that she took her time to fall for him and wouldn't just accept his money, that he was all too willing to give her. He respected her and loved her, but didn't push her into a serious relationship too soon!!

All in all, the book was OK. The suspense could have been better planned out, but Kat did a nice job on creating likable characters and a nice, descriptive story.

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