Monday, October 31, 2011


Just wanted to stop in to wish you all a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!  I hope you all had a rocking weekend...Some celebrated in the Snow, while others wore a big, green fro!

Tonight, don't forget to watch your favorite CLASSIC HORROR FILMS! !

Micheal, Jason or Freddy.....Oh..... Almost sounds like a kickin Saturday Night!! haha

I, myself plan to start on a GREAT, SCARY Romance Suspense tonight, Hide From Evil by Jami Alden just came out in paperback last week and will be out in E-book form tomorrow!!

But until then, here are a few suggestions for a CREEPY, DISTURBING Romance Suspense for tonight if you are looking for a SCARE!!

So grab a Milky Way out of the bowl of Candy that you swore you weren't going to touch, grab your favorite throw blanket, and curl up for some SCARY Villains, a sexy hero and a heroine who likes to KICK ASS!!

And I will leave you with a little (well maybe not LITTLE) Halloween TREAT!! 

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