Monday, September 19, 2011

Deputy and the Sheriff's Daughter

The Sheriff's Daughter
Kay Stockham
Released Sept 6th, 2011
288 Pages

Town Deputy + Sheriff's Daughter = Secret Romance

In Kay Stockham's New Release, Liam McKenna, Town Deputy is given an assignment to keep an eye on the Sheriff's daughter Carly, while the Sheriff is away. Keeping his eyes on her isn't going to be the problem, its keeping his hands OFF of her that might get in the way. But this quick fling quickly turns out to be more than Liam, a quiet guy with past secrets that keep getting in the way of his happiness. Carly wants things with Liam that he doesn't think that he can give her, so where will that leave them when the Sheriff gets back into town?

The Sheriff's Daughter is a sweet story that shines on why it is important to help others in finding the love that they might never have encountered, and to taking a chance because you never know what kind of blessing is waiting for you just around the corner.

I enjoyed the budding romance between Liam and Carly, and how the author brings the past in slowly, building up to the action, or when things fall apart. She writes a sweet story about the romance but also hits on some serious issues and how sometimes all it takes is a little LOVE and a healthy home.

Really good read!

Don't forget to keep an eye out for the next two installments in the North Star, MT series, In the Ranchers Footsteps featuring Liam's brother Brad and Christmas in Montana with Chance.

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