Monday, August 8, 2011

TOO HOT is right!!

Too Hot To Touch
Louisa Edwards
Released Aug 2, 2011
352 Pages
St. Martin Press

Ms. Edwards has done it again with the first book of the new Rising Star Chef Series, Too Hot To Touch.  Too Hot features Lundens Tavern, a New York City steak house owned by Gus and Nina Lunden, and their two sons, Max (the wanderer) and Danny (the loyal).  Max is called home to help win the East Coast slot for the national challenge, with the help of Danny, Beck, Win and the beautiful Jules, who Max has known for as long as Danny and her have been best friends.  He just didn't remember how beautiful she was, and he definitely hadn't felt anything back then for her, but now, oh boy does he like feeling her...I mean the way he feels when they are around each other.  The only issue among many is that Jules is more of a part of the Lunden family now than Max is, and she has one rule, Never date a co-worker again!  What will happen when the kitchen heats up from all the sexual energy between Max and Jules?  Can they make it as a couple even if Max is leaving for Italy as soon as the competition is over?  You are going to have to go out and purchase the book to find out!!

But I will tell you that the chemistry between Max and Jules is heating up from page one!!  The pantry...oh boy, I did not think a pantry could be so HOT!  I really loved Max, he was no hold bard about his feelings and just because Jules was a little gun shy about her feelings didn't mean that she couldn't appreciate the way Max just put it all out there for the world to see.  Max helped Jules to see the best of herself and I like that in a hero!! 

Can't wait for Danny's book coming this winter, Some Like It Hot, where he heats it up with Ms. Eva.......and who wants more Claire and meeeeeee!!  Loved their chemistry and sexual tension....cant wait to see what happens......

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