Friday, August 5, 2011

Tell Me More
Janet Mullany
Released July 26, 2011
352 pages
Harlequin Publishers

Tell Me More was an Erotic Fantasy Novel involving Jo, a radio personality who after a difficult breakup gets involved with not just Mr. D, a mysterious stranger that she gets to know intimately over the phone, but an assortment of other men involved in some sort of Sex Club. In Reality, she becomes involved with her tenant, Patrick, whom she begins a real relationship with, might even be love. But when all the lies and hidden secrets about her sex life come out of the dark, will Patrick be able to see that what happened was just fantasy, but in reality Jo really is in love with him? Read the book to find out!!

I did like the book, I really did, but I hated what happened with Mr. D at the end. I really liked Patrick, and I was crushed when Jo decided to get her closure....I really was hoping she wouldn't have done it!! But closure is closure even if I HATE it!! I liked Jo as the heroine, a real female trying to come to terms with a cheating live in boyfriend and a sad encounter that she doesn't really speak about. Anyone would understand that she was spreading her wings and being a woman exploring her sexuality. I am not sure that I would have followed in her exact footsteps, but she had fun, she was a single girl and it was an experience. But I was sad for her, I was sad for Patrick, and I just wanted things to work out for two!! I love a happy ending....but who doesn't!! And for the record I HATED MR.D......just sayn!!

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