Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Final Fuentes hoo

Chain Reaction
Simone Elkeles
Released Aug 16, 2011
308 Pages
Walker Books

Really enjoyed Luis' story and the final book in the Perfect Chemistry series.  It was a bittersweet ending for me....since we will have no more Fuentes brothers to fawn over....but maybe Paco and Junior will show up one day and we can enjoy the next generation of Sexy Fuentes family members!!

This was a bit more fast paced, covered a bit more time I felt than the last two.  The relationship was quick to come about, but the Chemistry was dead on and HOTTTTT!!  Really enjoyed Luis and Nikki's relationship and watching their feelings for each other grow so intensely.  Luis is such a flirt, I loved him.  He is smart and funny and Very adorable.  I don't know how Nikki resisted so long!!

I was so happy to see Alex and Brit with Paco as a baby, and Carlos and Kiara.  I would like to say that Carlos really can be an ass sometimes.....'Pointing to his left hand' "Still a bachelor", What a poop head!!

I liked that Nikki is a girl who is not giving up on her man and what happened at the end...oh boy, I wouldn't be messing with her or her family, she is one fierce woman!!

Thank you Simone for another great have left all of us heartbroken that the Fuentes brothers are all taken!!

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