Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another Fun Read by Christie Craig...

Don't Mess With Texas
Christie Craig
Released Aug 23, 2011
400 Pages
Forever Publishers

Nikki Hunt's day just took a turn for the worse.  Not only was her cheating ex trying to get her back, but he skipped out on their $200.00 dinner bill, and then was found dead in the trunk of her car.  If that wasn't bad enough, Nikki was the number one suspect in the murder and that $200.00 dinner just ended up all over handsome PI, Dallas O'Connor.  What's a girl to do, besides allowing the hottie PI to get you off the suspect list, and maybe get you into his bed.....I think that sounds about right!!

Don't Mess With Texas had a fun cast of characters as usual in Craig's books.  The beginning was a bit slow, and I didn't feel a instant connection to Nikki or Dallas right away.  I really ended up liking Dallas for a hero.  He was sweet, protective and HOT.  I enjoyed their chemistry throughout the book and their interactions with all of the other characters, Nana, Nance, Tony and LeAnn, even Tyler and Austin.  I really enjoyed the sub-relationship between Tony and LeAnn, even a bit more than the main plot. 

Even with a bit of a slow start, the mystery started to unravel and it was a fun ride.  Another cute read by Christie Craig, probably won't make a spot on my favorites shelf, but definitely worth the read. 

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