Friday, August 19, 2011

Catching up with The Tracers

Hey Everyone,

Even with the big move going on this week, I have been trying to keep up with a bit of reading when I can, so I can keep writing reviews for some Fantastic New Releases and Upcoming Releases, or even just some great reads that you might have not even known were out there!!

With the release of Snapped by Laura Griffin on August 30th, I have been catching up with the two latest in the Tracers Series that had been taking up space on my TBR they ended up there...I have no idea.  

For all the Griffin newbies, start with Untraceable, then Unspeakable followed by Unforgivable.  This should have you all caught up for the release of Snapped.  If you like Romance Suspense and like a thrilling read that involves cops, forensics and criminal profiling, then these are right up your alley!

And for all of you Tracer Series Fanatics, Laura has announced that there will be at least two more books in the series, Twisted being released in March 2012 and the other is still untitled.  That should keep us fans happy for a little while!! 

Thanks Laura for the descriptive, in your face thrillers that keep us up far into the night!  Keep them coming and we will keep on reading!

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