Sunday, July 24, 2011


Yes, I did attend the NKOTBSB Concert last night in Greensboro, NC and yes I screamed like a thirteen year old,  I am woman enough to admit it.  It was like being transported back to 1989 listening to my sisters fight about who liked Jordan Knight more....ahh the memories.  It was a packed house and I don't think there was anyone in their seats, except for a few men that were dragged there by their significant others.

I loved all the homemade T-Shirts, the crews that showed up with the letters 'NKOTBSB' spelled out across each one of their bodies, and the bonding between generations of fans...It was definitely an experience I will never forget, and getting to share the experience with my best friend since First Grade made it even more memorable.  So here it to you Donnie, Jordan, Jonathan, Joey, Danny, Nick, Howie, A.J. and Brian....Thank You for coming back and giving an amazing performance. 

Keep Hanging Tough and we will be loving you forever!!!  XOXO

Oh....almost forgot the opening act, Matthew Morrison from Glee, was AWESOME!!  What a great addition to the show.  Amazing voice and great new original songs....and a couple of really cool treats thrown in.....Fantastic job Matthew....can't wait to hear more from you!

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John Carway said...

Oh the memories! In this case the lack of them. Your very lyrical comments make me feel 110, since I have never even heard of this group. The closest memory I could drag up from the depths goes back to 1963. Our college student organization managed to con the hood Jesuits in charge of us to permit a musicalle, "A Musical Evening with Mr. Charles Barry" a.k.a "Chuck Berry" who rocked the staid halls of Fairfield University with strains of Long Tall Sally et al in such a frenzy of activity that we all thought we would find him collapsed in his dressing room after the show. Going there right afterwards to pay the man before the Jesuits found out our duplicity and stopped payment, we found him so calm and composed we immediately assumed he had jabbed a needle in his arm to have come down so quickly.
Well, I'm sure my ancient experience was nothing to compare with the current concert scene, but you blog did awaken my ancient experience memories. I hope you are doing well in your new venue and you should know that your County Seat Kiwanis friends all miss you.