Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The Game Of Love
Jeanette Murray
Release Date, August 29th, 2011
Carina Press

Retired tennis pro, Chris St. James meets retired WR Brett Wallace and it is mutual dislike at first sight, well she dislikes him and he thinks she has hot legs. He shows her that all jocks aren't chauvinist pigs with his support for her tennis team and for her as a coach and she shows him that not all woman are pro ho's looking for a piece of the pie. But can she set aside her past and fall in love with another jock, or will the past show up and ruin a future with the guy that might have just won her heart?

The Game of Love is a fun, delicious read with sexy players. I loved the chemistry between Chris and Brett. The progression of the relationship was more realistic than usual for a romance novel, but I like the realistic nature of the story and the writing was vivid and descriptive. I got a great sense of the characters and I really like them as individual people, Chris, the want to be hard ass but with the marshmallow center and Brett, the tough footballer taken down by the soft kisses of one hot tennis coach. Great story and nice progression. Looking forward to seeing more from Jeanette Murray!

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