Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Playing Dirty
Susan Andersen
Released July 26th, 2011
384 Pages
Published by HQN Books

Definitely worth the wait for Playing Dirty, the last book in the Sisterhood Diaries Trilogy.  Ava Spencer was used as the butt of a cruel joke back in High School by Cade Gallari, the guy she had given her virginity to, the guy that she thought felt something for her too.  Thirteen years later, and forty pounds lighter, Ava is called upon by Cade, a now Documentary Film maker, to be concierge to his film crew for the filming of his next documentary on Mrs. A, a special woman to Ava and her friends and the woman who they have inherited a mansion from.  She doesn't trust Cade as far as she can throw him, but as the days pass and truths are revealed, can she see past the "Fat Girl" image to the sexy woman that holds Cade in the palm of her hand?  Or will she throw it all in his face?  You will definitely have to read this book to find out.

I really like Ava as a character.  She represents all woman who have been torn down by someone, who may have moved on, but sometimes it still lingers in the pit of your mind and can make sudden appearances when you least expect it.  I admit that I did tear up a bit during the prologue and in certain parts throughout the book.  Its hard not to feel for the young girl she had been back then, and for the cruel things that stay with people beyond high school.  I loved that Susan was able to make us almost understand what Cade had been thinking at the time, not that it excuses what he did, but we were able to see that he wasn't that person anymore, and he had done his share of living with the regret of hurting someone that he cared about.

Susan, great finale to the trilogy, and keep them coming!

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