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A Candy Hearts Romance
Brenda Gayle
Released January 20th 2016
Wild Rose Press

Teacher Lori Tait has always wanted a family, but now she's 40, she’s pretty much decided all the good men are taken. Instead, she devotes herself to her students, particularly one little girl whose struggle with math seems inconsistent with an otherwise brilliant and artistic mind.

Mark Wilder hadn’t planned to become a father, but when a fling resulted in his daughter, Grace, he whole-heartedly embraced the role. Raised in a family of boys, what does he know about women and girls? Once he learns of Grace’s inability to comprehend basic math, he welcomes the role of tutor as a way to connect with his daughter; the opportunity to spend time with her sexy teacher is an added bonus.

When Lori cracks the mystery of Grace’s problem Mark’s world is thrown into turmoil; he’s the last person who can help his daughter. He pushes everyone away, confirming Lori’s theory about men. Grace, however, has other plans. Using her new-found understanding of math, she sets out to prove to her father and teacher that, together, they add up to the perfect match.

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Valentine’s Day by the Numbers
By Brenda Gayle

Valentine’s Day. People either love it or hate it, often depending on where they are in the relationship cycle. As a romance writer, I love it, which is why I was thrilled when my publisher, The Wild Rose Press, announced it was planning to release a series of romance-themed short stories and novellas, Candy Hearts Romances. My story, Me+You, involves a child unable to do math, a father desperate to help, and a teacher who craves a family.

For over 100 years, Candy Hearts (also known as Conversation Hearts and Sweethearts) have been associated with romance. About eight billion of the little hearts are produced each year—that’s enough candy to stretch from Valentine, Arizona to Rome, Italy and back again 20 times. As a countdown to Valentine’s Day, I’ve been posting fun facts about Candy Hearts on my Facebook and Twitter pages (#CandyHeartFun). Today, I thought I’d share some weird and wonderful trivia about the other ways we celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is big business for retailers. Approximately $19 billion will be spent this year, with men spending almost twice as much as women on their significant other ($128.90 versus $62.47).

Candy Hearts aren’t the only sweet confection given on Valentine’s Day. The Chocolate Manufacturers Association of America says 36 million boxes of chocolate will be sold. 

About 110 million roses, most of them red, will be sold for in the three days leading up to February 14. However, American women say they'd rather receive chocolate than flowers. Still, about 15% of women will send themselves flowers for Valentine’s Day.

About one billion Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged each year, making it the second largest seasonal card-sending occasion, after Christmas. Teachers will receive the most cards, followed by children, mothers, wives, and then, sweethearts.

Approximately 3% of pet owners will give Valentine's Day gifts to their pets.

Fifty-three per cent of women in America would dump their boyfriends if they did not get them anything for Valentine's Day.

And, 11% of Americans will be engaged on Valentine’s Day.

What are you hoping for this Valentine’s Day? Is it a sweet tooth you want satisfied, or do you prefer the sensual scent of red roses? My weakness is the spicy tang of cinnamon hearts. Let me know yours.

I've been a writer all my life but returned to my love of fiction after more than 20 years in the world of corporate communications--although some might argue there is plenty of opportunity for fiction-writing there, too. I have a Master's degree in journalism and an undergraduate degree in psychology. A fan of many genres, I am drawn to contemporary romance and enjoy creating deeply emotional stories with elements of mystery and suspense.

I live in eastern Ontario with my wonderful husband, two fabulous children, a rescued cat, two Siberian Huskies, and assorted aquatic wildlife.

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