Friday, July 3, 2015

Chance Encounter by Christy Reece (LCR Elite #2) @ChristyReece #Review #RomanceSuspense #Giveaway

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An LCR Elite Novel #2
Christy Reece
Released June 29th, 2015

She’s the face of innocence whose secrets, if uncovered, could destroy her carefully crafted life.

On the cusp of achieving every goal she’s set for herself, Kacie Dane is one step away from superstardom. The hell she endured five years ago is a nightmare of the past. With a new name and a new life, no one would ever recognize her as the ravaged victim she’d once been. Her secret is safe…or so she thinks.

He’s a disgraced former sports star looking for redemption, determined to stay in the shadows.

Once the golden boy of the NFL, Brennan Sinclair’s fall from grace was witnessed by the entire world. Determined to stay out of the limelight and make his life count for something, he joins the Elite branch of Last Chance Rescue. Brennan never expected his first assignment would draw him back into the life that almost destroyed him.

Some secrets should never be kept. Some sins can never be forgiven.

Someone knows exactly who Kacie Dane is and will stop at nothing to destroy her. Brennan is sure that he, along with his LCR Elite partners, can keep Kacie safe and unmask the evil trying to destroy her, but he never expected to lose his heart to the one woman he couldn’t have.

A killer bent on revenge. A woman who refuses to be broken. A man in need of redemption.

No one is safe.


Oh I LOVE getting into the thick of a New LCR (LCRElite) Romance from Christy Reece...she always knows how to give me the creepiest villains to keep the pages flowing and the goosebumps crawling up my skin...That is when you know that you are reading a winner!

In the second release of the LCR Elite Series, not only do we get a very sexy ex-football player hero turned LCR operative (yum), but a story line that could be pulled from the pages of People Magazine, which kept the story so exciting!  And I got to see all my favorite characters from RUNNING ON EMPTY, the previous release in the LCR Elite Series. (Can't wait for Riley and Justin's romance.)

With a touch more romance than her usual style, Reece brings out all the stops with CHANCE ENCOUNTER.  

Growing up in a tiny community in Alabama boasting only one stop sign and a gas station gave Christy ample opportunity to create daring adventures in her head. When she wasn't thinking of her story characters, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys kept her entertained and out of trouble. Later came the chills of Stephen King and the thrills of John Grisham, but the romance genre always held a strong place in her heart.

A few years ago, she decided to write the stories that had been rattling around in her head. Now she and her characters couldn't be happier.

Christy lives in Alabama with her husband, five adorable fur-kids and one very shy turtle.


TrishJ said...

Hi. I am a fan from WAAAY back. Love this series. I really like the blend of suspense and romance. Thanks for the chance to win.

TrishJ said...

Hi. I am a fan from WAAAY back. Love this series. I really like the blend of suspense and romance. Thanks for the chance to win.

Cheryl Hastings said...

I am new to this series, but it looks wonderful! I'm going to go look at others