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An LCR Elite Novel #2
Christy Reece
Released June 29th, 2015

She’s the face of innocence whose secrets, if uncovered, could destroy her carefully crafted life.

On the cusp of achieving every goal she’s set for herself, Kacie Dane is one step away from superstardom. The hell she endured five years ago is a nightmare of the past. With a new name and a new life, no one would ever recognize her as the ravaged victim she’d once been. Her secret is safe…or so she thinks.

He’s a disgraced former sports star looking for redemption, determined to stay in the shadows.

Once the golden boy of the NFL, Brennan Sinclair’s fall from grace was witnessed by the entire world. Determined to stay out of the limelight and make his life count for something, he joins the Elite branch of Last Chance Rescue. Brennan never expected his first assignment would draw him back into the life that almost destroyed him.

Some secrets should never be kept. Some sins can never be forgiven.

Someone knows exactly who Kacie Dane is and will stop at nothing to destroy her. Brennan is sure that he, along with his LCR Elite partners, can keep Kacie safe and unmask the evil trying to destroy her, but he never expected to lose his heart to the one woman he couldn’t have.

A killer bent on revenge. A woman who refuses to be broken. A man in need of redemption.

No one is safe.


A HUGE Welcome to one of my favorite Romance Suspense Authors, Christy Reece, who just yesterday released the second book in the LCR Elite Series, CHANCE ENCOUNTER!

 A Tasty Read: Christy, you have recently started publishing Independent, why the change?

Christy Reece: When my publisher chose not to continue the Last Chance Rescue series, I was disappointed. I decided to self publish the tenth book of that series, Chances Are, as a testing of the waters. I wanted to know if people would still buy my books if they were self published. I was thrilled with the reception my readers gave Chances Are. 

Around the same time, my publisher asked me to take a pen name and write something a little different. I wrote the first two books in the Wildefire series under the pen name Ella Grace. My publisher didn't want to publish a 3rd book in that series, but I knew there were readers who wanted to read that last book, so I chose to self publish Midnight Shadows.

Once I realized the advantages of self publishing--total control of cover, content, release dates--I decided to go completely indie.

 ATR: CHANCE ENCOUNTER is the second in your LCR Elite Series, do they need to be read as a series?  

CR: No, each book in the LCR Elite series is a stand-alone. There’s an occasional mention of previous couples but only in passing.

ATR: Do you suggest the readers go back and devour your Last Chance Rescue series to get a better understanding of the team/series/characters?

CR: Not necessarily. Although I'd love for them to read the entire series simply because I love those stories and characters. 

One of the biggest reasons I created the LCR Elite series was so readers wouldn't feel like they needed to go back and read ten books of one series before starting a new one. Even though Noah McCall leads both the Last Chance Rescue Organization and the LCR Elite Team, the operatives, missions, and storylines are completely different.

ATR: What other series are you working on?  

CR: I'm currently writing Whatever It Takes, the second book in my Grey Justice series. Also working on the 3rd LCR Elite book, Running Scared, and a stand-alone contemporary romance that so far is strictly romance. Not a villain in sight. Although the way my muse works, that could change at any moment. I do love a good villain.

ATR: What have you recently released? 

CR: I released Midnight Shadows in March, which was the last book in my Ella Grace Wildefire trilogy about triplet sisters from Midnight, Alabama. And last year, I released Nothing To Lose, the first book in my Grey Justice Series, and Running On Empty, the first book in the LCR Elite Series.

 ATR: Do you have a favorite hero/heroine/villain/couple that has stayed with you? 

CR: In a way, they've all stayed with me simply because when I'm writing their story, they are so real to me. I fall in love with each character, even my villains! However, Kacie Dane and Brennan Sinclair are extra special to me for a couple of reasons. I didn't plan to write their book. The next LCR Elite book was supposed to be Running Scared about Elite operatives Justin Kelly and Riley Ingram. In early March, when I was about to release Midnight Shadows, I had a dream and woke up with the entire plot of Chance Encounter in my head. That has never happened to me! I've figured out plot points or story problems while sleeping but never have I dreamed an entire story. How could I not write it? 

I adore Kacie and Brennan, individually and as a couple. They so perfectly imperfect. They've both been through hell and are still reeling from their losses. Kacie looks like she has the perfect life, but she's dealing with a very private pain. Brennan's life fell apart in front of the entire world, and all he wants to do is stay in the shadows and make his life count for something. They help each other heal, and all the while there's someone out there trying to destroy Kacie.

 ATR: What is harder for you to write, Sex Scene, or Action Scene? 

CR: It depends. I don't usually write my love scenes until I've finished writing the book. I can't write intimate scenes between two people that I don't know. When I do feel like I know them well enough, it's not as difficult, but I still need to be in the right frame of mind. A glass or wine (or two) does help. :)

Action scenes can be difficult to carry out unless I know in advance what my end game is--death or capture of the villain, character injured, etc. And a lot of times I don't know what will happen until the action starts and the characters take over. Makes for some exciting if somewhat difficult writing days.

ATR: Why should readers pick up CHANCE ENCOUNTER?

CR: I think this story will appeal to a wide range of readers. A famous model who looks like she has the perfect life but is hiding a multitude of secrets. A former NFL superstar who fell from grace in the most public way possible. It's a story of redemption and second chances. About two wounded people who are struggling on their own, trying to make up for past mistakes and do the right thing, and discover they're much stronger together than they ever could be apart. There’s humor, tears, suspense, action, mystery, and plenty of steam.

Stop back tomorrow and Thursday for my reviews of RUNNING ON EMPTY and CHANCE ENCOUNTER!

Growing up in a tiny community in Alabama boasting only one stop sign and a gas station gave Christy ample opportunity to create daring adventures in her head. When she wasn't thinking of her story characters, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys kept her entertained and out of trouble. Later came the chills of Stephen King and the thrills of John Grisham, but the romance genre always held a strong place in her heart.

A few years ago, she decided to write the stories that had been rattling around in her head. Now she and her characters couldn't be happier.

Christy lives in Alabama with her husband, five adorable fur-kids and one very shy turtle.


barb k said...

I have read all of her LCR books

ttp said...

Great Post I Like this books and always read


jodi marinich said...

i havent read any books from this author yet

Ashley Lake said...

Nope, I've read all the series but this one

sherry bauer said...

I LOVE her books! Have read them all!

oklanannie said...

Great blog with Christy Reece! CHANCE ENCOUNTER is now on my favorites list. I loved both Brennan and Kacie - unforgettable characters. A five-star romantic suspense book is getting harder and harder to find these days. But Christy always hits the bull's-eye for all those chilling, thrilling and fulfilling demands of mine.

I've said it since I read her first book years ago -- Christy Reece writes five-star romantic suspense -- and I haven't changed my mind!