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TVBT: THE BEST SHE EVER HAD by Shelly Ellie (Gibbons Gold Diggers #4) @KensingtonBooks #Review #Giveaway

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One by one, the infamous Gibbons sisters of Chesterton, Virginia, are giving up their gold digging ways--except the eldest, who's holding out for her seven figure man. But her heart may have less expensive tastes. . .

Thanks to her cold-hearted ways with men, Cynthia Gibbons doesn't blame the folks in town for calling her the "Ice Queen." They don't know the secret she's kept for twenty years--that she once fell crazy in love with a guy who had no money, a guy who broke her heart in the worst possible way. But now Korey Walker is back in town, and Cynthia isn't sure how much longer she can keep the biggest secret of all--that she still loves him.

With a divorce behind him, and his new auto repair shop thriving, Korey is looking to the future--until he sets eyes on Cynthia and the past comes roaring back. Even now, Korey doesn't understand Cynthia's hostility--after all, she's the one who broke his heart. He decides to ignore her--until he discovers that his teenage son has fallen for Cynthia's daughter. Determined to stop history from repeating itself, Korey and Cynthia will have to band together. But will keeping their kids apart bring them closer--or destroy their lives for good?

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As a HUGE fan of 'Second Time Around' romances, I was totally grabbed by the blurb about a First Love Romance finding love again twenty years later...WELLLLLL....this one has a TWIST...and Boy was it a Fun Time!

Just the first few pages will have you cracking up...not that this is a comedy, but Cynthia Gibbons and her antics to catch a "Rich Man" had me laughing, and it didn't stop there!  I have to say, I was NOT a fan of Cynthia in the beginning of THE BEST SHE EVER HAD, and I assume if you have read the complete series (which I plan to do VERY SOON), she is supposed to be a bit on a "Love Her or Hate Her" character...and I DID NOT like her.  She was a straight up bitch to be honest, but that's the GREAT part about this romance, is that everyone can change....and by the end...I have to say, I really really wanted Cynthia to get her man.

The family dynamic is so great, because Shelly writes her characters so true to life...I could practically see myself at the table, eating brunch and watching the drama unfold! And these Gibbons sisters are FULL of drama!  The crazy twist that Ellis throws in there, really threw me for a loop, but I was so excited cause I really really wanted Jared and Clarissa to have a chance (and the hotel room scene was TOO funny for words!).

I do have ONE peeve...I didn't like the way the last chapter ended...ok...Shelly makes up for it with the epilogue...but for a minute there, I was like WHAT?!?!?!?!  So be warned...Keep reading to the end...whew!!

It's the New Year...try something that you might not normally pick up and grab a copy of THE BEST SHE EVER won't be sorry...and you will definitely be picking up the others in the series...I know I am!!

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Shelly Ellis is the penname of women's fiction/romance author and creator of the Gibbons Gold Digger series. Her fiction writing career began when she became one of four finalists in a First-Time Writers Contest when she was 19 years old. The prize was a publishing contract and having her first short-story romance appear in an anthology. Since then she has published six novels and two short stories in anthologies.

She is married and lives in Maryland with her husband and their daughter.

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