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Made for You 

The Best Mistake # 2
 Lauren Layne 
Released October 28th, 2014
Grand Central Publishing

When the Wrong Guy is Oh-So-Right

Will Thatcher is exactly the type of sexy playboy good girls like Brynn have always avoided. And yet there was still something about him she just couldn't resist. When Will moved across the country three years ago, Brynn vowed it was time to put him behind her. She never thought Will might have other plans . . .

Back in town, Will intends to get what he's always wanted-gorgeous, unforgettable Brynn. For years, he tormented the untouchable ice princess in a desperate bid for her attention. Now he has a new plan, and he'll do anything to rewrite their stormy past.

This time, he's out to show Brynn that the imperfect man might be the best mistake of her life . . . 


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Laced with humor and loads of emotion, MADE FOR YOU solidifies that opposites do indeed attract!

Rivaling the likes of Julie James and Kristan Higgins, with MADE FOR YOU, Lauren Layne is gained a spot among the a heavy hitters in the Romance Genre.  With each release from Layne, I fall more in love with her writing, and her characters, that are so real, they just jump off the pages.

I don't care what ANYONE else says, MADE FOR YOU was/is one of the Best Romance Reads of 2014.  Will and Brynn are horrible to each other, and I laughed (and yes, cringed) throughout many parts of the book, cause yes, they throw barbs at each other, but if you really see underneath the lines, you will see the deep seated emotion that drips off every page.  Will Thatcher is a modern Mr. Darcy...and you won't be able to resist him.

Brynn...I think I hold a special place for her in my heart, cause when you look beneath the surface, you ache for her pain, and I was so so happy that someone who truly loved her, helped her to strip away all that "Stuffiness" and yeah, she is bitchy, but don't we all know that the bitchier the person, the more insecure?

Now, I would suggest you read ONLY WITH YOU, the first in the Best Mistake Series before MADE FOR YOU, you don't HAVE TO, because Lauren does an amazing job at making sure you are all caught up with what happened in ONLY WITH YOU, but Sophie and Grey are NOT to be missed...so....Just read it!!

If you are in the mood for Funny, Emotional and a Heartwarming (breaking) romance, grab MADE FOR YOU,and start your love affair with Lauren Layne!

Name: Will Thatcher
Age: 33
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Physical Description: 
Blond, blue-eyes and gorgeous 
Scary movies, flirting and annoying Brynn Dalton
Needless drama
Relationship Status: 
Working on it
Typical Friday Night: 
Depends on the mood—but often can be found perusing his Alfred Hitchcock movie collection
Drink of Choice: 
Wine. Whisky. Beer … not picky!
Favorite Food: 
Homemade by someone other than him
Favorite Song: 
anything by Aerosmith
Choice of Transportation: 
small, zippy sports cars. No shame.
Boxers or Briefs: 
Boxer-briefs. Briefs
Best Memory to Date: 
The moment he first saw Brynn Dalton
Words to live by: 
One Step Closer (read the book …. Trust me on this !) 

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Lauren Layne used to work in e-commerce. She wore cute shoes and big-girl clothes like an adult.

Then she was like, nope, changed into her pajamas and started writing romance novels.

She believes in sarcasm, weekday happy hours, and happily ever after.

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