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TVBT: THE KEY TO MY HEART by Nikki Lynn Barrett (Love & Music in Texas #3) #MeetRandy #HeroProfile #Giveaway

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One dream fails, a passion burnt out...

With no set plan and a desire to find a passion, Blaine Grant hightailed it out of Harmony's Echo a year out of high school to find herself. Finding a passion didn't come as easily to her as it did for others she knew. Now, Blaine has come home for good with mistakes she'd like to forget, but the past doesn't want to forget her. Everyone thought she'd been selfish to not come back when she was needed the most, but Blaine never let anyone know the emotional hell she went through.

Another dream is just beginning to see the light...

Randy Hughes has always been the shy guy until he discovered his love of music. It wasn't until joining the band that he grew out of his shyness. The oldest sibling and the only boy, he's pressured by family expectations to set a good example. He's the one who takes everyone in when they need it, and he's the one whose own dreams are ignored. Now that big things are happening for the Baby Stetson band, Randy has to decide how to handle his family when his dreams are on the line...

A friendship is changing.

One spur of the moment, impulsive move leads Randy and Blaine into a dire situation that may bring them together, or pull them apart, just when he's finally able to gather the courage to tell Blaine how he's felt about her all these years...

Revisit the characters you've come to know in small town Harmony's Echo, as more changes settle upon them.

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Name: Randy Hughes 

Age: 32

Writer at the local newspaper and keyboard player to the band Baby Stetson 

Physical Description: 
 Short brown hair, dark brown eyes. Tall and lanky. Pale skin. Dimples with a smile. 

music: whether it be playing or listening, spending time with nieces and nephews, shooting pool, chilling by the creek late at night in the truck, stormy weather. 

people who take advantage. 

Relationship Status: 
Hopelessly crazy for Blaine Grant :) 

Typical Friday Night: 
on stage with the band or at practice with them writing and playing music 

Drink of Choice: 
anything with caffeine! 

Favorite Food: 
steak and mashed potatoes any day!

Favorite Song: 
Pick up Man by Joe Diffe 

Choice of Transportation: 
 His Chevy truck

Boxers or Briefs: 
Boxer-briefs. Boxers 

Best Memory to Date: 
Playing on stage for the first time with Baby Stetson. 

Words to live by: 
 “Never let anyone hold you back from chasing your biggest dreams”

I'm an avid lover of books. I've been writing as far back as I can remember, completing my first "book" by fifth grade in one of those one subject spiral notebooks. I have a passion for music, photography, jewelry and all things creative. I live in Arizona with my husband and son, but dream of being somewhere much colder and stormier. For now, I'll have to live that life through my characters and stick it out with the summer heat.


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