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DUTY BOUND by Sidney Bristol (A Bayou Bound Novel) @BipBopBooks #Excerpt #RomSus #Erotic #Spotlight

Bayou Bound # 2 
Sidney Bristol 
Released May 26, 2014


She’s the woman he sent away. 

Lisette wouldn’t be back in New Orleans if she didn’t need protection—and who better to turn to than her ex-boyfriend turned Detective? She’s got a closet full of secrets that include a stalker ex and a kinky past. She vows to not dream about Mathieu…much. If only he were a Dominant, one who would not just flog her into bliss, but love her as well. A girl can dream, can’t she? 

He was her first love. 

Mathieu wants nothing to do with another damsel in distress, but he can’t say no when the little blonde woman walks back into his life with proof her ex is big trouble. He’ll give her a place to sleep, but nothing more. His heart is locked up tight. Except, Lisette uncovers his past in the BDSM world and she’s never backed down from a challenge. He can handle her, can’t he? Lisette and Mathieu embark on a relationship that is strictly about sexual gratification, but evolves into more. When the bodies align, the hearts entwine. Except their rekindled flame is in danger. Lisette’s ex has found his prey, and he’s not afraid of taking a life.

Excerpt from Duty Bound: Bayou Bound # 2
© Sidney Bristol 2014

A flogger.

Mathieu had an honest-to-god flogger, and it was even put away properly. Sort of. She’d never leave a good leather flogger under a bed, but that was her.

Typically a person owned several floggers with various intended uses. Some were purposefully more thuddy and felt like a massage. Then there were those that stung or outright hurt. Those who really got into flogging had several, and since the leather strips, or tails, could get tangled, one of the cheap ways of preventing a huge mess was to slide the flogger into the leg of a pair of pantyhose. It was breathable and kept the tails from tangling.

Lisette picked the knot apart and slid the well-crafted toy out into her lap. She’d seen her fair share of floggers and this one was handmade by someone who knew their shit.

The handle was stained and sealed black wood, almost dildo shaped. She could easily see someone putting a condom over it and using the handle as an insertable toy. Had Mathieu used it like that? She gulped and flicked her glance to the rest of the toy. There were easily fifty strips of black rawhide falling from the wooden handle.

If she had to guess, this was a thuddy flogger. The kind she liked.

Lisette licked her lips and a shiver stole down her spine, straight to her pussy. Her channel clenched.

Could Mathieu be kinky? Like her? Or was this a leftover from an old girlfriend?

The possibilities were endless.

She laid the toy out on the bed and stared at it for a moment. There were too many questions. She shook her head and bent to search for her bag. It was not by the side of the bed, instead, it was down by the foot. But that wasn’t what interested her. There were several large, plastic containers with opaque sides. Were there more toys?

She itched to peel back the secrets, find answers, an explanation, but that wasn’t how one thanked their host for his hospitality she’d pretty much forced from him. With a deep breath, she grabbed the backpack and left the bedroom and apartment in a hurry.

Lisette hopped on a bus without an idea of where it was going and slid into a seat, content to watch New Orleans pass her by. It was her way of learning a city, or in this case, re-learning. But her mind wasn’t in a state to take in the Katrina-wrought changes to her beloved city. No, she was still thinking about what was under that bed.

Was kink why he’d broken up with her?

She’d always thought of Mathieu as such a rule follower, a strict adherent to black and white. He said earlier that he’d been a bad boy and she a good girl in college. That wasn’t how she’d seen him at all, but maybe she’d known even then what she was at her core—a submissive who wanted to love and adore her Dominant. Granted, she hadn’t fallen into that lifestyle until after Mathieu dumped her.

There were so many questions swirling in her head, and no possibility of answers until later tonight, whenever Mathieu got home.

Lisette felt an instant pang of guilt for not taking Gator with her. The poor dog might be used to staying in his crate, but this was a perfect opportunity for him to get out, despite the drizzling rain. She promised herself to think of him next time.

The bus slowed to a stop, and for the first time since she got on, she took notice of where she was. Not that she had any idea of what district she was in, but a café sat on the corner. She gathered her bag and piled out the back door, taking a chance that this place had what she needed.

A small placard in the window next to the door had the blessed words: WiFi Available.

She stepped into the café that could have been on any classic New Orleans street corner with its black and white checkered floor, wooden four-top tables and jazzy decor. For some reason it made her breathe easier. The city hadn’t been home for years, but it called to her.

Lisette ordered coffee and took over a table next to an outlet, careful to put her back to a wall to prevent some poor soul from seeing her Kinky Girl Blogs’ site. The ad placements on the side of the site alone came with an advisory warning, and that was before you got to the content.

No kinky topic was safe. Lisette had a team of ten regular bloggers who rotated posting. Some specialized in certain topics. There was one pro-Domme who provided her services for a fee, two women who identified as Dominant in relationships, several people who lived a polygamous lifestyle, three switches, one slave, and a handful of submissives. Lisette was always on the lookout for more people to add to the mix.

Five years ago she’d started the site to have an outlet to talk about her journey into BDSM. By that time she’d been into it for a year and had two short but successful relationships. She’d also been halfway through her Master’s in psychology. Ultimately, her experience since the blog exploded was the driving reason behind why she’d switched to focusing on sexuality and psychology. It was a narrow field; she still needed to get her damn internship done, but she loved that she helped people in tangible ways.

Her dream was to have her very own practice, do podcasts and maybe even write books for those who would never get up the courage to come to her for help. Before any of that could happen, she needed Seth out of her life so she could get back on track.

Lisette brought up her email, full of messages from the anonymous Q&A widget on the website and her bloggers, as well as friends from Chicago and Miami she’d abruptly left behind.

It was too soon to face her friends and for now even her bloggers would have to wait.

There was something she had to do.

She brought up the Kinky Girl Blogs site and plugged in her username and password.

The backend of the site was a clean, gray interface that made navigating it mostly easy. She flicked over the updates, glad to see that everything down to comment moderation and updating plugins was in hand.

That left her with the one task she’d given herself today.

Coming clean with her audience.

It can never be said that Sidney Bristol has had a ‘normal’ life. She is a recovering roller derby queen, former missionary, and tattoo addict. She grew up in a motor-home on the US highways (with an occasional jaunt into Canada and Mexico), traveling the rodeo circuit with her parents. Sidney has lived abroad in both Russia and Thailand, working with children and teenagers. She now lives in Texas where she splits her time between a job she loves, writing, reading and belly dancing.

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