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Scavenger Hunt: DEVIL'S GAME by Joanna Wylde #DevilsGameHunt #giveaway @joannawylde @BerkleyRomance


In DEVIL’S GAME we learn what really happened between Liam “Hunter” Blake and Em Hayes during her kidnapping in Reaper’s Legacy. As the daughter of the Reapers’ president, Em has found that the men in her life have always been more concerned about keeping her dad happy than showing her a good time. Then she meets Liam. He’s not afraid to treat Em like a real woman and he’s definitely not afraid of her father.

Liam was born and raised a Devil’s Jack, sworn enemies of the Reapers, and has always defended his club no matter what. But then there’s Em…with her smile and vulnerability and just this way about her that puts him in the middle of the hardest decision he’ll ever have to make.

Clue #1 




I fluffed up my boobs, studying my cleavage carefully in the bar’s bathroom mirror. I’d worn a black halter corset, which I was now second-guessing.

“I look like a slut,” I moaned.

“Walking the line between hot and slutty is tricky,” Kimber said, leaning forward to put on more lipstick. She smacked her lips carefully, then ran her tongue over her teeth. “But you’re firmly on the hot side tonight. I still think you should be wearing more makeup, though.”

I glanced at her, wondering if she was right. I’d only met Kimber a week ago, but she seemed to have her shit together. Sophie called her a sexual bloodhound. Of course, I’d only known her a week, too, but she was the mother of Ruger’s nephew, so she came with references.

“You look fantastic,” Soph said, from the stall behind us. “I wouldn’t have let you out of the hotel room if you didn’t. How much time before the mysterious and magnificent Liam arrives?”

I glanced down at my phone.

“Looks like I’ve got maybe half an hour?” I said. “If he’s on time.”

“I cannot wait to check him out,” Kimber declared. “If he’s hot, can I grab his ass? I need to know if those pictures were real. If they are, you’re just lucky I’m married.”

“Behave,” Sophie said, opening the stall door. She joined us to wash her hands. “I think we need a picture together.”

She pulled out her phone and held it up.

“Okay, strike a pose,” she said. “I want to see sexy, I want to see passion! This is not a game, ladies.”

I started giggling as Kimber crouched, pointing her fingers like a gun at the mirror. Sophie clicked the pic and we all looked at it.

Wow, I did look sort of hot.

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Joanna Wylde is a New York Times bestselling author and creator of the Reapers Motorcycle Club series. She currently lives in Idaho.


Unknown said...

this is an amazing series. Joanna really does her research. Keep up the great work.

Unknown said...

I Love reading this series.... Joanna really has a way of making me care for each of the characters and that makes me want to learn more about them.

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I love all of this series..Cant hardly wait for June to come ^^

Unknown said...

I LOVE this series so much!
Cant hardly wait for June to come..
Thank you Jo!

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Love this series! Can't wait for June 3rd.