Tuesday, April 29, 2014

TRT: GERARD'S QUEST by Evie Knight (In Bed with the Enemy Series) #review #giveaway @tastybooktours

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Gérard Laurent has spent the past five years searching for a lost family heirloom. He’s tired of all the clues leading him nowhere and just when he fears he’s run out of leads his lover’s archenemy presents him with a lead he can’t turn down.

Brokenhearted by his actions, Julianne is determined to make his life miserable any way she can. Revenge is bittersweet but she succeeds until the tables are turned. Gérard steals a kiss reawakening her feelings for him, only he still won’t apologize.

Julianne is ready to forget Gérard when a notorious art thief offers her a painting she fancies in exchange for Gérard’s amulet. It’ll be the ultimate payback if she accepts it.

Will love conquer all?

Be Warned: anal sex, sex toys

GERARD'S QUEST by Evie Knight was a mix of sexy, sweet, and suspenseful with a side of spicy...a little something for everyone!

I am all about a heroine who doesn't let a man walk all over her, and Julianne certainly is a tough little gingersnap, funny enough I kept thinking of Julianne Hough from DWTS, and I think she is a great representation of this Julianne, a strong, determined woman, who wants to make her ex a little bit crazy with all her antics.

Gerard was certainly misunderstood, I mean, a little selfish...YES...but atleast he can admit to it.  He knows he was in the wrong, but with horrible communication between the couple, things just go from worse to better to worse again.  I certainly enjoyed the "Making-Up" the couple engaged in...HOT!!

Evie Knight has written a fun, exciting, sexy second book in the "In Bed with the Enemy" series, and I should have really read ARIEL'S SONG first, not that you have to, but I like to read a series in the correct order, so I recommend reading both.  They are quick reads, and will keep you hooked from page one!!

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Evie Knight writes wickedly sexy contemporary romances with irresistible bad boys, sassy heroines, a bit of conflict, humor and a dash of spice. When she’s not hard at work writing, she spends her time blogging, reading, listening to music, or looking for a muse.

She lives in sunny Southern California.

Evie loves hearing from her readers. Feel free to drop her a line at evie@evie-knight.com or you can stalk her on Twitter @inlovewromance

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