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When Jasmine Allen met Kane Summers in the unlikeliest of places, she wasn't expecting the swift and immediate attraction she felt for him. But Jasmine had a secret she wasn't at all comfortable sharing with anyone, least of all, the hunky guy who was literally sweeping her off her feet.
Kane Summers was a sucker for damsels in distress. When he found himself wanting to protect Jasmine Allen in more ways than one, the instant chemistry they had for each other hit him squarely in the chest. But Kane's life was complicated, and he wasn't totally free to act on the fascination he felt for her.
Kane and Jasmine were fighting a losing battle to stay away from each other. But circumstances -- and certain people -- beyond their control were very much intent on keeping them apart.
How could they find their way past secrets and malicious intents to nurture a love that, if given the chance, could last a lifetime?
Each book in the Secret Dreams series is a complete stand-alone novel that would give you enjoyment on its own. However, to enhance your experience of this series, the author recommends reading them in order.
Secret Words is the first of four steamy and sweet books from the Secret Dreams Contemporary Romance series.



When Ari Mitchell had an unexpected one-night stand with her best friend's future brother-in-law, she had full intentions of moving on from it without any dramas. But Dylan Summers was someone she couldn't stop thinking about -- and wanting again. Problem was, he didn't do relationships.
Dylan Summers only allowed himself one-night stands for reasons only he and his two best friends knew about. But after his night with Ari Mitchell, he admitted to himself he had to be with her again, even if it meant making things very complicated.
Their mutual attraction was simply too strong for them to ignore. But how could Ari find a future with a man who avoided commitment? And how could Dylan open up to the woman who could heal his heart, when he feared her true motives for being with him?
This is a stand-alone novel that would give you enjoyment on its own.  However, to enhance your experience of this series, the author recommends reading them in order.
Secret Designs is the second of four steamy and sweet books from the Secret Dreams Contemporary Romance series.
This series is SO MUCH FUN!  I have to say I am so excited that I started the series NOW, when Book Three, SECRET MOVES, has just been released!! (See Below for info)
SECRET WORDS starts the series with Kane and Jaz, whom have some "issues" when it comes to crazy ex'x trying to keep them apart.  From the first page when they meet, I was so excited to see where the book was going to take me, and I was certainly not disappointed!
Now SECRET DESIGNS stars Kane's brother Dylan and Jaz's New Bestie, Ari, and do they have some CHEMISTRY!!  I really enjoyed the story and how Miranda keeps the story moving without me wanting to put the book down!
Naughty Dylan has some trust issues and Ari had already been with a guy who used his money against her...where will that leave them when all is said and done!  You will have to read to find out!!
For Kristen McCann, her best friend’s wedding brought out desires she couldn’t ignore. No, it wasn’t a boyfriend she was after–her needs were too immediate for that. After a year of recovering from a disastrous relationship, all she craved was a good, hot, short fling.

When Trey Andrews learned that the beautiful bridesmaid at his friend’s wedding considered him, then scratched him out as a possible one-night stand, he just had to change her mind. As a dyed-in-the-wool bachelor, someone as attractive and fun-intentioned as Kris was perfect for him.

But Kris had a bad habit of falling for playboys, and Trey’s past was enough to put him off relationships forever. How could they grab the chance at a liberating future when painful experiences and memories of betrayal stood in their path?

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About Miranda
Ever since I was a young teenager, I have loved reading romance novels. My auntie used to send me boxes of her books and I would devour them one after another.
Every so often, I would read a mystery or a suspense or a paranormal novel as I love those genres too. But romance is still my favourite. :)
For many years, I wrote technical and non-fiction materials for professional use and had only dreamt about writing a novel. Then, one day, after a period of binge-reading sexy romances, I decided to sit in front of my computer and start writing my first fiction book. The result? My debut novel Will To Love, the first in the hot and sexy Lifestyle by Design series. After that, I knew that I would love to tell more beautiful love stories through my books.
I live in Sydney, Australia with my amazing husband who lovingly cheers me on in my journey as a novelist.
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