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Sex, Love & Stiletto Series by Lauren Layne @_LaurenLayne #giveaway

Sex, Love & Stiletto Book #1
Lauren Layne
Loveswept Romance
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Reviewed by: Lisa

I think Lauren Layne is shaping up to be one of my NEW Favorite Authors. AFTER THIS KISS was hugely refreshing, laugh out loud funny in a talking with your girl-friends kind of way. 

The star columnist of Stiletto magazine will do anything for a story. Anything . . . except fall in love.

Julie Greene loves flings. Loves steamy first dates, sizzling first kisses, and every now and then, that first sexy romp between the sheets. Comfy pants, sleepy Sundays, movie nights on the couch? Shudder. But when Julie gets assigned the hardest story of her career—a first-person account of that magical shift between dating and “I do”—she’ll need a man brave enough to give a total commitment-phobe a chance at more.

Normally, Mitchell Forbes would be exactly that man. A devastatingly hot workaholic who tends to stay in relationships for far too long, he should be the perfect subject for Julie’s “research.” But what Julie doesn’t know is that Mitchell is looking to cut loose for once in his life. And the leggy journalist notorious for avoiding love is exactly the type of no-strings fling he’s looking for. In other words, Mitchell is the polar opposite of what Julie needs right now. And, at the same time, he’s exactly what she wants.

Mitchell Forbes is just have to meet him to understand, but you will fall for him just as hard as Julie does, with his understated looks and humor...he was utterly charming. 

Julie was like your best friend, funny, sarcastic, with a big heart...She seriously cracked me up so many times.  And the dynamic between the co-workers and friends (the Stiletto Girls) reminded me so much of the way me and my friends are with each other. 

The Chemistry between Mitchell and Julie...WHOA!  When these two opposites come together, all pre-conceived notions go out the is just BOOM!!  I absolutely fell in love with these two.  I laughed, I cried, I had my heart broken and then put back together.

Fabulous flow to the story, I absolutely LOVED it, and I think everyone needs to give this one a read. I can't believe I hadn't discovered this one sooner!!

Sex, Love & Stiletto Series Book #2
Lauren Layne
Releasing December 9th, 2013
Loveswept Romance
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Gifted by: NetGalley
Reviewed by: Lisa
Another hit out of the park for Lauren Layne, LOVE THE ONE YOU'RE WITH is a Homerun!!

Two high-powered magazine writers find love amid a war of words.

As a leading columnist for Stiletto, Grace Brighton has built a career warning women about rotten, cheating liars. She just never suspected her fianc√© would be one of them. After Grace takes a heart-mending hiatus, her first assignment is to go on a couple of dates with a counterpart from the men’s magazine Oxford and report her impressions. Grace 1.0 may have been instantly smitten with the gorgeous correspondent, but Grace 2.0 has sworn off relationships for six months, and she’s not falling for his outstanding bod and trophy-winning kisses . . . or is she?

Jake Malone wants to get back to the fly-by-night, who-knows-what’s-next guy he used to be, and he knows exactly how to do it. Oxford is adding a travel section, and Jake—with no wife and no kids and a willingness to live anywhere, eat anything, do everything—is perfect for the job . . . except that his playboy reputation makes his new editor nervous. To get the gig, he must agree to a fluffy joint article with Stiletto.

But after just one date with snooty, sumptuous, sensational Grace Brighton, Jake starts taking this assignment a whole lot more seriously...
Grace 2.0 is kick-butt and a Man-Hater, who gets Grace 1.0 into trouble with a New Column, which turns out to be with a well-known HOTTIE and LADIES MAN from Oxford Magazine. Grace 1.0 is too busy falling for Jake's smooth-charming words and touches, while Grace 2.0 is looking to win one for the girls team.

Let's just say things get out of hand when the column goes viral, and Jake and Grace are both starting to feel more than "friendly" towards each other. A few stolen kisses, and my heart was swept away!

I am not going to blab on and on about how wonderful LOVE THE ONE YOU'RE WITH was, or how much I love the characters, or how I am DYING for book three, but I will say, be ready to laugh, cry and fall in love with Jake Malone...YUMMO!!!!
COMING MARCH 11th, 2014
I am just LOVING this Series and Lauren Layne is my favorite new author. I can't WAIT for the next book, JUST ONE NIGHT, and I am hoping that she is planning to write Emma and Alex's book....OH MY!!


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About Lauren

Lauren Layne writes contemporary romance for Grand Central Publishing (Forever) and Random House (Loveswept), as well as new adult for Random House's Flirt line.

Lauren graduated from Santa Clara University with B.S. in Political Science that she has yet to put to good use. After dabbling in an e-commerce career, she decided to quit talking about writing and actually do it.

A Seattle-native, Lauren's also tried on the Bay Area, Orange County and Manhattan for size. She's currently writing from the Pacific Northwest, but is always looking for the next place to call home. Texas? The South? New England? Suggestions welcome.




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