Monday, August 19, 2013

TRT: CRYPTO LOVE by Stephanie Beck @Tastybooktours #giveaway

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Sidekick becomes hero to save superheroes everywhere.Chris, aka Crypto Man, loves being a sidekick—especially the 'kicking' part. When he returns to his boyhood home to search for clues about a recent increase in villains coming from the area, he finds himself face to face with a beautiful woman, and for the first time he has a shot at being the lead hero.

Penna Banena always wanted to be a hero. She even gave up modeling to join The Warden's School for Superheroes. When she discovers it's not only a scam but is providing inside information to villains, she stays on to gather enough evidence to take the whole ring down.

Crypto Man's appearance throws her plan for a loop. He's blunt, tough, and everything she's ever hoped for in a man. And although romance has to take a backseat to defeating the bad guys, if Penna has her way Crypto Man's world will never be the same.
 Another cute Superhero Romance by Stephanie Beck.  This time we get Sidekick, Crypto Man, and he is out to save the world from a "Superhero" School which is really training Villains.  At the school is where he meets Penna, supermodel and wanna-be Superhero.
The story is sweet, sexy and fun.  It is a quick read, that will keep you guessing as to what will happen next.  For my Superhero Lovers, this is a great series to get hooked on, if you are into the Men In Tights (or Tighty-Whities) kind of thing. 

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Meet Stephanie
Even before she understood what all the thrusting meant, Stephanie Beck loved reading romance. When the stories didn't end the way she wanted, writing her own was the perfect solution. From ridiculous humor to erotica, Stephanie loves being transported within a story.
When she's not elbow deep in words, her husband and three children command her attention. After they are sleeping she knits or bakes cookies…or squeezes in more writing.
Stephanie loves to hear from readers. Contact her at
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denise smith said...

love the cover of the book cant wait to read it

Theresa said...

Have to say I haven't read a book like this one. It has me intrigued! Can't wait to read this one.

Quilt Lady said...

I have never read a book like this but it sounds interesting. What genre of books do you read most? I will be entering under the name of Virginia

Jane said...

Congrats to Stephanie on the new release. I've always wanted to be Wonder Woman.

jasmin q said...

congratulation for the book
and thank you

Michele Dewell said...

Thank u for the giveaway.

Victoria Zumbrum said...

Thanks for the awesome gieaway. I would love to read this book.

TerrieLynn61 said...

Love the plot of this book. It is a refreshing and unusual change from the romance plots that I have read. Looking forward to reading "Crypto Love". I have added it to my TBR list. Thanks for the giveaway. :-)

femto femtto said...

look like a nice book

Marissa A said...

The book description sounds great!

Di said...

New Superheroes are always welcome!

Daniel M said...

great cover and always like reading about superheroes (or people with powers) - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com