Thursday, August 22, 2013

Double Review: BARE IT ALL & GETTING ROWDY by Lori Foster (Love Undercover Series)

Love Undercover #2
Lori Foster
Released April 30th, 2013
480 Pages
Gifted by: NetGalley
Reviewed by: Lisa

BARE IT ALL, had it all...from smoking hot Reese Bareden, who you met in Book One, Alice Appleton, his secluded neighbor, who you also met in book one, and were just waiting for the sparks to fly!!  Yes, the embers were flowing ladies!

As the person responsible for taking down a brutal human trafficker, Alice Appleton fears retaliation at every turn. No one knows about her past, which is exactly how she prefers it...until the sexy cop next door comes knocking.

Detective Reese Bareden thinks he knows what makes women tick, but his ever-elusive neighbor keeps him guessing like no other. Is his goal to unmask Alice's secrets? Or protect her from a dangerous new threat? One thing is certain: their chemistry is a time bomb waiting to explode. And with no one to trust but each other, Reese and Alice are soon drawn into a deadly maze of corruption, intrigue and desire-and into the line of fire....

Alice, well, she has a few secrets, and Reese, well, he plans on finding them all out, and if he has to use his body to do it....well....there have been worse things....haha...JK....he is ALL about using his body to get Alice to spill her secrets, and let me tell you...I think she might just use him back a little too!

The suspense is right on, the heroine is Kick-Butt...Loved Alice, and all her weapons, and the little possessive streak she has for Reese, especially when the OTHER ladies come sniffin around her man! The hero Yummo enough of an explanation?  And Rowdy...well...I could ALWAYS use more Rowdy in any book, even a book about Gardening.

Lori has written series that is Suspenseful, Sexy, Addicting and OH SO MUCH FUN!  You don't have to start with RUN THE RISK, which is book one, but you don't want to miss out on how Logan and Pepper get together, so, I would say go for it.  The fun only continues into BARE IT ALL, where you get to watch Reese in protective mode...VERY SEXY!

Get started on the series NOW....You might finish just in time for GETTING ROWDY.....

Love Undercover #3
Lori Foster
Releasing Sept 24th, 2013
Gifted by: NetGalley
Reviewed by: Lisa

Um....I don't even know what to say other than "OH ROWDY"...hee hee...He is JUST SO DAMN SEXY!!  I don't think I will ever forget him and he is holding a top spot on my Top Hero List for life.  You just have to read this book to figure it out, but I am SOOOOO in love with Rowdy!!

Charismatic bar owner Rowdy Yates isn't the kind of man women say no to. So when he approaches waitress Avery Mullins, he fully expects to get her number. However, the elusive beauty has her reasons for keeping her distance-including a past that might come back to haunt them both.

Avery spends her nights working for tips...and trying to forget the secret Rowdy is determined to unearth. But when history threatens to repeat itself, Avery grows to rely on Rowdy's protective presence. As the sparks between them ignite, she will be forced to choose between the security she's finally found...and the passion she's always wanted.

If you have read the series from the beginning, you will understand my feelings for Rowdy Yates, Big Brother, Protector, and all around Bad Ass of Sexiness.  He can be mean if he has to be, he will tell you like it is, which he does with Avery, but he would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it, and that means more to me than anything.  Plus, a shirtless Rowdy  isn't exactly a BAD thing.

Rowdy and Avery meet in book one, RUN THE RISK, and into book two, BARE IT ALL, we get a few encounters, where they sniff around each other, him wanting her and not lying about it, her wanting him, and holding him at arms length.  Then we get to GETTING ROWDY, where he is now the owner of the bar she was working in, and she is promoted to Bartender, but they are still playing the cat and mouse games, even though I don't know how she held off for so long.

One of my favorite scenes is when she walks in on him and...ahem...another woman...I was ready to throw down, but poor Avery had been pushing him away and really had no claim, but I was still ready to claw some hair, or slap Rowdy...but I understand where he was coming from and I love him so much, so I forgave him.

Lets just say that little encounter knocks Avery on her ass, and let's just say there are some OTHER issues with Phantom Phone Calls, and Creeps stalking Avery, which kicks Rowdy into protective gear, and the two can't help but fall into bed...hee hee...THANK GOD!!

Aside from my Love of Rowdy, the Book was excellent, the plot-line was right on, and kept me guessing as to WHAT THE HECK just happened, and the Chemistry between Avery and Rowdy...Well..IT WAS OFF THE CHARTS!! 

Great Read, Sexy, Funny and Rowdy is so friggin charming, you won't be able to resist!  Pre-Order TODAY!!

Happy Reading Ladies!!


Sharlene said...

Oh,my gosh! I love these book covers & have been meaning to get to this series forever! Getting Rowdy is the push I need. Great review of these books! Thanks!

Barbara Ann said...

I really want to check out this series! Great reviews, Lisa.