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TVBT: The SEEN Trilogy by Cynthia Sax, Guest Post, Review & Giveaway @tastybooktours

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She desires to be seen. He wants to watch.

Anna Sampson has a naughty secret. Every night, she slips into her neighbor’s yard and swims naked in his pool. She fantasizes that the dynamic young billionaire watches her nightly nude aquatics, his brilliant green eyes gleaming with lust.

She discovers this isn’t pure fantasy. Gabriel Blaine has been watching her via his security cameras, and now that he has returned to L.A., he doesn’t plan to stop. That’s all he wants—to watch. Anna knows she shouldn’t allow him and she certainly shouldn’t want more, but she craves Blaine’s attention, needing his gaze fixed on her body.


His touch enflames her desires.

Anna Sampson has allowed billionaire businessman Gabriel Blaine to watch her, all of her. And looking is all he’s done—until now. After giving him permission to touch her, Anna realizes she won’t be satisfied until she has all of this handsome and secretive man.

Soon she tempts him, shreds his control, and pushes him too far. Blaine’s reluctance to take her virginity frustrates Anna. He fulfills her fantasy, but what is their reality together?


A billionaire’s desires and a virgin’s wish to be claimed come together.

Two men want Anna Sampson. Gabriel Blaine is powerful, intelligent, the CEO of a successful company, and a billionaire. He’s watched her, touched her, encouraged her to become a strong, independent woman, a woman unafraid of her desires.

Now secrets from the past are exposed, threatening Anna’s freedom and safety. Will the man she loves stand by her side, or will he desert her, leaving Anna once again to face the future alone?

The searing climax of The Seen Trilogy.

Cynthia Sax, Author Of He Watches Me
Sharing A Meal With Anna


I believe what we eat says a lot about how we see ourselves, how we want others to see us, and what our emotional state is. When I’m trying to figure out what to cook for dinner, I’ll ask my hubby what he FEELS like eating. His dinner requests change depending on how his day has been.

The food my characters eat reflect their inner selves also. 

Anna, the not-so-innocent-yet-virginal heroine of He Watches Me, is a new graduate. She put herself through school, taking on student loans. Her job at a charity only pays minimum wage. She can barely cover her expenses.

So she is thrilled when the marketing fairies drop by the house she’s taking care of. She takes the product samples they leave to work and eats them for lunch. The food she eats reflects her inner self. She is simply surviving in life. She doesn’t nurture her body with healthy food and she doesn’t nurture her soul with healthy relationships and human connections.

As Anna opens her heart to Blaine and to others, developing relationships, she also eats better. She shares their food. Sharing food is a form of caring, of togetherness.

One of the people she shares food with is Camille or Goth girl. Goth girl is a rebel. She dresses in black, has piercings, tattoos, and a confrontational personality. Even her walk is defiant. 

Goth girl often battles with her coworkers because she brings curry to the office. Curry is fragrant, the scent of her lunch lingering in the small closed room for hours. Her more conservative coworkers complain loudly. This doesn’t stop Goth girl from bringing curry. I suspect the complaining makes her MORE likely to bring curry.

Curry is also spicy and very strong flavored. This reflects Goth girl’s unconventional personality and inner strength. Goth girl doesn’t care about what other people think.

In contrast, Michael Cooke, the office golden boy, cares very much about what other people think. He’s careful to eat only politically correct vegetarian, organic food. This food is sourced from the best restaurants. He doesn’t look at the price of the meal, doesn’t think about the sourcing of the ingredients. He is the opposite of Anna.

Do your meals change depending on your moods? What is your favorite meal and when do you eat it?

Well, I am just going to start with a warning...THESE ARE STEAMY...OMG...You will either need a cold shower or...well...You can pick your own option two, cause your panties will be on FIRE!!
The SEEN Trilogy by Cynthia Sax is a three part erotic romance where you will have the same hero, Gabriel Blaine, and heroine, Anna Sampson, throughout all three novellas.  By page three of HE WATCHES ME, you will be so invested in Anna and "Blaine", in wanting to know, Who, What, When, Where and Why...I read all three in manner of a few hours, I just NEEDED to know what was going to happen, and needing to move on to the next steamy encounter between these two...and they fog up the kindle screen.
Anna is a lonely woman who seems to just skirt right by people, nothing fancy or different about her to the ordinary eye, but little does she know, that to Gabriel Blaine, she is everything.  OMG...MEGA SWOON...Gabriel "Blaine" made my heart melt.  He was like a Prince Charming...well...ok...a LOT kinkier than Prince Charming, but you get the idea.  More like a Richard Gear in PRETTY WOMAN, but add some sex toys and a couple of guys who like to "watch".
Could have done without Michael, or as I refer to him "Michael the Douche", and I am excited to see if Goth Girl will be getting her own book.  You will certainly find a few of the secondary characters quite interesting, and probably will be intrigued to find out what their story is...well...if Cynthia plans to write it!
Anna and Blaine don't have your "Typical" romance, but they certainly find something so special with each other and I will tell you, my heart gave a little extra swell for these two!!
Definitely recommend the Trilogy to my Erotic Romance Lovers!!


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Cynthia Sax
Cynthia Sax lives in a world filled with magic and romance. Although her heroes may not always say, “I love you”, they will do anything for the women they adore. They live passionately. They play hard. They love the same women forever.

Cynthia has loved the same wonderful man forever. Her supportive hubby offers himself up to the joys and pains of research, while they travel the world together, meeting fascinating people and finding inspiration in exotic places such as Istanbul, Bali, and Chicago.Please visit her on the web at



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They sound wonderfully different! :)

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Sounds like a series I'd like to read.

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This sounds awesome and a series that will keep you up half the night reading. I love books like this. I will be entering under the name of Virginia

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I think this series sounds really good and I can't wait to read it. Thanks for the giveaway.

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i love it i love the series and cant wait to read them denise smith

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they certainly sound like a steamy read!

ashlynn monroe said...

He Watches was a great book! I have the other two on preorder. I can't wit until they show up!

Cynthia Sax said...

Thank you for hosting me today! (big hugs)

Thank you Marissa, Cindy, Virginia, Victoria, Denise, Di, and Ashlynn!!!

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These sound interesting