Wednesday, June 26, 2013

TVBT: RETRIBUTION by Winter Austin and Hero Profile: Remy LeBeau, #giveaway @tastybooktours

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Called to the homicide of a Dallas criminal lawyer, Detective Remy LeBeau stares at a scene that drags him back into his past. To another murdered lawyer in New Orleans. A case that put Remy on a collision course with death.
Cody Lewis struggles with the horrific memories of her kidnapping and the need to numb the pain. The battle she puts up causes her to avoid Remy and their undetermined relationship. But the flashbacks and nightmares are proving more potent than Cody thought and she’s having a harder time resisting the cravings for alcohol.
As the case takes a turn in revealing a professional assassin is behind the death, Remy begins to make decisions that could cost him his job and Cody. Because the deeper he sinks, the closer the enemies of his past come to finding him.
“Relentless is an intensely suspenseful book that will have you turning the pages.” —The Romance Reviews
Romantic Suspense
Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors
Hero Profile
Name: Remy Adrien LeBeau
Age: 32
Occupation: Dallas Police Detective, Homicide
Physical Description: 6'2", dark brown hair usually kept short, dark brown eyes that look black at times, so says Cody. I usually wear suits with ties for the job, or jeans, T-shirt, and boots.
Likes: Good cup of coffee, a long ride on my Harley, a night out with Cody.
Dislikes: Suspects who think they can lie to me and get away with it. Cases that go cold, leaving the family with no closure. Cold coffee.
Relationship Status: Currently seeing Cody Lewis.
Typical Friday Night: If I’m not called out to a new homicide, I’m usually trying to talk Cody out of making me ride her horses. That woman is as persistent as a Louisiana mosquito. Or I’m watching my partner's nephew terrorize his maman or uncle.
Drink of Choice: Community Coffee with chicory. Can’t forget to mention that I’ve made my creator quite addicted to it, too. Ms. Austin, it’s the best stuff you ever drank, mais oui?
Favorite Food: Gumbo, of course, chère! Load it with chicken and the best Andouille sausage, sprinkle a li’l filé powder on top. Magnifique.
Choice of Transportation: Job requires my Corvette or the department car. But I love getting out on my Harley any chance I get.
Boxers or Briefs: Ahh, now, chère, that there is a secret only one … well, no, two women will ever know. My wife and my mama. Hmm, does Cody know? (gives his trademark charming grin) If she does, or doesn’t, I bet she won’t tell.
Best Memory to Date: Kissing Cody, that gal’s got fire. Or maybe it was watching her ride a horse? Actually, I think it’s both.
Words to live by: That which does not kill you will try harder the next time.

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Meet Winter Austin
Winter Austin was once asked by her husband if he could meet some of the people who took residence in her head. She warned they weren’t all characters he wanted to meet, as killers walked among them. Needless to say, that conversation ended abruptly.
A lifelong Mid-West gal, Winter swears she should have been born in the South, Texas or Louisiana preferably. But then she’d miss the snowy winters.
Dividing her day between her four children and their various activities, a growing pet population, and her Beta-with-Alpha-tendencies Hero, Winter manages to find time to write chilling thrillers between loads of laundry.
Don’t worry. You won’t find any of her mouthwatering culinary dishes poisoned. Unless you’re one of her fictional creations.
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Winter Austin said...

Wow, now that's a nice pic. :) Thanks for letting me stop by, Lisa.

Karen J said...

Sounds like a great book! Definitely adding to my TBR pile!:)

Soft Fuzzy Sweater said...

I am not a fan of romantic thrillers. I think the world has enough violence and stress. When I read romance, I want frothy and frolicsome. However, I must congratulate Ms. Austin on her book. It's quite an achievement.

Thank you for the giveaway.

KMichelleC87 said...

i'm not that choosey when it comes to my romance novels so yes, i like romance thrillers


Victoria Zumbrum said...

Yes I love romance thrillers. I love the excitement, danger and romance combined. Thanks for the giveaway.

bn100 said...

yes, because you don't know what's happening next