Thursday, May 30, 2013

RaeAnne Thayne knows her Romance! - Review by Kelly W.

Willowleaf Lane
Hope's Crossing #5
RaeAnne Thayne
Releasing June 25th, 2013
384 Pages
Gifted by: Author
Reviewed by: Kelly Wilson | B&

I could not put this book down once I started reading!! I was hooked from page one. RaeAnne Thayne fans know how addicting her books can be!!

Candy shop owner Charlotte Caine knows temptation. To reboot her life, shed weight and gain perspective, she’s passing up sweet enticements left and right. But willpower doesn’t come so easily when hell-raiser Spencer Gregory comes back to Hope’s Crossing, bringing with him memoires of broken promises and teen angst. A retired pro baseball player on the mend from injury-and a damaging scandal- he’s interested in his own brand of reinvention.

Now everything about Spencer’s new-and-improved lifestyle, from his mission to build a rehab facility for injured veterans to his clear devotion to his preteen daughter, Peyton, touches Charlotte’s heart. Holding on to past hurt is her only protection against falling for him-again. But if she takes the risk, will she find in spencer a hometown heartbreaker, or the hero she’s always wanted?

Spencer once the towns favorite son who has fallen from grace, comes back to his hometown to start over with a daughter that wants nothing to do with him. Charlotte the best friend he left behind, but never really saw who she really was because all he looked at was her appearance. Now 80 lbs. lighter Charlotte wonders if Spencer is truly interested in her, or in making up for the past.

The chemistry between Spencer and Charlotte is captivating; it leaves you not wanting to put the book down to see what happens next. Then you add in Peyton, Spencer’s stubborn, secretive pre-teen daughter, who wants nothing more to move back to where they came from. And Charlottes brother Dylan, a disabled vet who wants nothing more than to become a hermit, while battling his own inner demons. And it leaves you wanting more!!!

The romance between Charlotte and Spence was heartbreaking and addicting. The suspense if Charlotte was going to forgive Spence for long ago transgressions kept me wanting more. I look forward to reading more about Charlotte’s brother Dylan.

RaeAnne Thayne definitely puts the Romance back in the Romance Genre!! I LOVED IT!!! I will definitely be picking up another Hope’s Crossing book soon.

Enjoy and Happy Reading!

~Kelly Wilson

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Casey Dawes said...

I became a RaeAnne Thayne fan this spring. She's marvelous!