Monday, May 20, 2013

Keeps You Hanging On!

Passion's Prey
Shadow Shifters #3
A.C. Arthur
Released March 26th, 2013
336 Pages
St. Martin's Paperbacks
Gifted By: Publisher
Reviewed by: Kelly W.

I couldn’t put this book down because I kept wanting to know what was coming next.

They live in the shadows—half human, half beast—a powerful breed of shape-shifters who protect the civilized world from the deadliest of their kind…

Caprise is tall, beautiful, exotic. A goddess in the flesh. A dancer, when Caprise takes the stage, she feels the power she holds over men—especially the man known as X. He watches her night after night. He follows her with hungry eyes. And he knows her deepest, darkest secret—her true animal nature…

And falling in love with a Shadow Shifter is the most dangerous game of all.

Xavier has always lived for the thrill of the hunt—and the pleasure of the kill. But now, as a shifter working for the FBI, he is dedicated to keeping a leash on the world’s most savage predators. Keeping an eye on a gorgeous creature like Caprise is part of his job. But when a deadly new breed of half-human killer marks Caprise as his mate, Xavier must fight tooth and claw to save her—or risk losing the most sensual and exciting woman he’s ever known…

I couldn’t imagine being half human half big cat, and all the difficulties that it would bring. This is why Caprise tried to ignore her darker half.  But no matter how hard she tried to hide it, it was right there under the surface just waiting to come out.

X seemed to be fighting his own inner demons. Wanting to push Caprise away but yet wanting her at the same time. The more he tried to protect her the more she had to show him she could take care of herself.

The sexual tension between X and Caprise… is all I can say. It made you feel like you were a voyeur. The sex between them is what some of us fantasize about. It was hot, hot hot!!! I will definitely be looking for more books in The Shadow Shifters Series!!
~Kelly Wilson~

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