Thursday, January 10, 2013

Exciting New Series

Hometown Girl
Bad Boys of Red Hook #0.5
Robin Kaye
Released Dec 3rd, 2012
Source: Reviewer Purchased

Starting out to be a great series!!  Love heading back to good ole' New York!!


Elyse Fitzgerald is on a blind date from hell in Brooklyn’s historic waterfront neighborhood of Red Hook when she stumbles into a childhood friend—and childhood crush. She knows Simon would never be interested in his little sister’s friend, even though she’s all grown up. So it’s a lucky break that he doesn’t recognize her…

Simon Sprague is an artist who picks up bartending shifts at a local family-owned pub. To the artistic Simon, the women he usually meets at work are uninspiring. Except for the dark-eyed goddess who just walked into his bar. He feels an instant connection with her, and the mysterious angel seems to know him. Quick on his feet, Simon goes along with the ride… but will he lose his heart to a hometown girl along the way?

Funny thing is...I think the blurb pretty much covered the whole novella...haha.  Robin Kaye write a fun, heartwarming novella to kick off her new series, The Bad Boys of Red Hook , and oh...are they BAD, especially Simon...naughty, naughty, naughty...taking a girl home and pretending to remember who she is...yeah...that will just bite you in the ass!

My poor Fitz...ya go home with a guy, give him a night he will never forget and then it all goes to shit...I wouldn't have expected anything different, haha!  Elyse was a great heroine, flirty, a little spunky and she knows what she wants...sounds like my kinda girl!  Simon, just handsome, but oh...just like a man...sticks his foot in his mouth.  Oh to see a man grovel..and yes...he is very cute while doing it!

This was a really great opening to the series.  I enjoyed not just the two main characters, but the secondary characters, who I assume will all have a story.  I enjoyed how real the story felt, hanging at a bar, seeing someone you recognize but can't put your finger on it, hoping that someone will say their name to refresh your memory, or at least make you look less of a fool.  Especially coming from New York, it was fun to just be back in the atmosphere, which Robin does a phenomenal job at describing.  I just had fun and I know that you all will enjoy this little start to what is shaping up to be a great series for 2013!

Definitely worth the $2.99...Grab your copy today!!  (Only E-book Available)

Enjoy and Happy Reading!

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Robin Kaye said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I had such fun writing Fitz and Simon's story. I almost wish I had been able to write a novel about them. I hope you enjoy Back To You as much.