Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Justice at Cardwell Ranch
Montana Mystique #4
B.J. Daniels
Released Oct 2nd, 2012
224 Pages
Source: Little Bird Publicity

Six years ago, Dana Cardwell found her mother's will in a cookbook and became sole owner of the Cardwell Ranch in Big Sky, Montana. Now happily married, Dana is surprised when her siblings, Stacy and Jordan, show up on the ranch …and trouble isn't too far behind.As danger draws closer to the ranch, deputy marshal Liza Turner quickly realizes that Jordan Cardwell isn't the man the town made him out to be.

Justice at Cardwell Ranch is the highly anticipated sequel of Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch, which I was lucky enough to find at my local library's book sale, so I was able to find out what went on with the Cardwell family six years ago, and I would highly recommend reading it first, especially if you are like me and need to be in "The Know" when it comes to sequels.

Justice at Cardwell Ranch is what I call Romance-lite...which is not my normal type of read, but the suspense was really intriguing and kept you hanging on until almost the last page.  I am also not one to read  a lot of westerns or Ranching-Romances, but I did enjoy the wonderfully descriptive setting and the different story lines that we have weaving in and out of each other.  Never a dull moment at the Cardwell Ranch.

You get a brewing romance between Jordan Cardwell and Deputy Liza Turner, a few family secrets from the other Cardwell siblings and a long ago buried secret that comes to light when old friends return for a high school reunion. 

This was a thrilling read and I would recommend to those who are looking for a different kind of suspense.

Enjoy and Happy Reading!!

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