Thursday, July 19, 2012

Something Missing

That Thing Called Love
Razor Bay #1
Susan Andersen
Releasing July 24th, 2012
384 Pages
Source: NetGalley

So I FINALLY finished this book last night.  I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either.  Something was just missing.

Jake Bradshaw comes back to Razor Bay, where he grew-up, after almost thirteen years of being away.  He has come home to finally meet his son and hopefully become the father that he is sure Austin needs.  Jenny Salazar, the woman who is caretaker of Austin now that his grandparents have both passed away, has a BIG problem with Jake waltzing back into Austin's life, wanting to up-root him from the only home he has ever known, and take him to New York City, where Jake lays his head when he isn't globe-trotting around the world as a Photojournalist for National Geographic.

Unfortunately for Jenny, as Jake and Austin get closer, she finds herself falling for him also, or it could be the kisses.  Jenny knows that Jake couldn't wait to leave Razor Bay as a kid, so there is a big chance that she could lose Austin, as well as her heart to Jake.  Will Jake decide to stay in Razor Bay, or will he deny the feelings he has for Jenny, and take Austin off to NY without admitting how he feels?  Lots of questions to be answered.

Ok, so I honestly didn't feel ANY connection to ANY of the characters.  I wasn't invested in their lives, or what was happening in the story.  I finished the book because I felt that I should give it a fair shot, but I didn't feel invested in the story, or the outcome. 

The one person I liked in the book was Austin, the thirteen-year-old son of Jake and his High School girlfriend who died after he was born, which the story just passes over.  Austin was cute, and honest about his feelings, but I will say that some of his language was a bit off for 2012, he kept saying "dope" and I haven't heard that word being used in quite a while.

There was a small secondary story with Jenny and her father, which was very unnecessary, and didn't really bring anything to the story at all.  We had Max Bradshaw, Jake's half-brother and Tasha, Jenny's best friend, who were necessary as the people who Jenny and Jake could share feelings with, and the author could use them to get information out of the main characters through conversation, but other than that, neither of them stood out at me as GREAT, or "I'd love to read his/her story next", I just felt nothing!

After reading the last release by Susan Andersen, I was very excited to see she had a new series coming out, but unfortunately it fell flat for me.  I wish I could say I loved it, but I just didn't.  It was ok, and other reader might feel differently, but I just didn't feel that spark or connection that some Romances can bring to the table. 

So, I would say if you are not a die-hard Susan Andersen fan, maybe borrow the book from a friend, or wait until you can get the book on sale.

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