Monday, June 25, 2012

Love those Slow Summer Kisses

Slow Summer Kisses
Shannon Stacey
Released June 4th, 2012
80 Pages, Ebook
Carina Press
Source: Reviewer Purchased

As a fan of Shannon Stacey's, I was SOOO excited when she announced a Summer Novella was being published.  I love her Kowalski Series and I was hoping that this novella would be all include all the things I love about a Shannon Stacey romance, and she did not disappoint.

Flawed lovable heroine, dashing sexy-as-all get out hero, and a build-up of emotions and romance that sets the pages on fire.

In Slow Summer Kisses we meet Anna Frazier, who is in need of A LOT of relaxation, but she has been on the go, go, go so long, she doesn't know what to do with quiet...and I mean A lot of quiet, as she has taken some time after losing her big city job to spend the summer at her grandparents lake cabin where she spent so many summers as a child.  NOTHING about the lake is as she remembers, except maybe her next door neighbor, Cameron Mayfield. 

Anna is just as Cam remembers, bossy, loud and unable to settle down for five seconds.  The only thing she hadn't been back in the day was drop-dead gorgeous, with legs that go for miles.  He just wants some peace and quiet in his life, the way he'd been living since he left the rat race after a family tragedy years ago, and all Anna does is remind him of who he used to be. 

Cam will just have to find a way to keep Anna relaxed and not so high-strung, and he knows exactly the way to do it, but can he keep his heart out of the equation when he begins to enjoy spending so much time with Anna?  Will Anna leave the lake when she finds another position or will she stick around and make one summer a forever summer?

I really, really enjoyed this novella by Shannon Stacey and I know you will too.  Not only is Cam freakn adorable, but if you are like me, you will find yourself falling more and more in love with him page after page.

I highly recommend this GREAT summer read, and If you haven't read her other romances, you need to grab up all three of the Kowalski Series today!!

Enjoy and Happy Reading!!


Rosie1313 said...

I bought this book based on a blog review - don't remember which one. I enjoyed the story. Nice quick read. Likeable characters.

Sam Kasbrick said...

Thanks for the review. I'll have to check this one out!
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