Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Trip to Virgin River I Enjoyed

Sunrise Point
Virgin River #19
Robyn Carr
Released April 24th, 2012
378 Pages
Source: NetGalley

Now this visit to Virgin River was such a pleasure, I simply didn't want it to end.  As my loyal readers know, I did not enjoy the last two Virgin River books as much as I wanted to, but Sunrise Point definitely makes up for all the negative thoughts I had.

I vaguely remember Nora from Bring Me Home For Christmas, but I did remember the town coming together to help a woman who was homeless with two children.  What a strong-willed, single-mother Nora is, she is amazing, and she will do ANYTHING it takes to make sure her girls have food and shelter.  I admired her character and I was so happy when Maxie agreed to, more like told Tom that he had to hire her.

Tom Cavanaugh, owner of the Cavanaugh Orchard, meets Nora and is strongly attracted to her, but he tells her that they already hired enough help for the season.  He is told to hire her anyway and he knows that he needs to avoid her so that his attraction for her will not grow more than it already has.  He admires her as a mother and a worker, but he doesn't want to marry into a "FAMILY", he wants a wife that he can start fresh with, someone with class and a career...he is a dumb ass and doesn't know what is right in front of him.

And then comes Darla...ugh...I completely loved the way Robyn wrote Darla and the way she portrayed was hysterical.  I found myself saying, "She did not just say that?" or "She did not just do that?"  I loved her interactions with Maxie, Tom's grandmother, she was hysterical, and I wish I had a Maxie in my life.

The second we meet Coop, a friend of the Riordan's, and he had his interaction with Jack, I SO thought that the woman they were talking about was going to end up being Darla.  I was wrong, but when you read it, you must come back and tell me if you felt the same way. 

The growing relationship between Tom and Nora was slow, but not boring.  I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next and if my heart would be soaring or crushed with Tom's!!

I will definitely recommend this book and I hope you all will enjoy Tom and Nora's story as much as I did.  Happy Reading Ladies!!

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Jen Shields said...

Sounds good. Maybe ill look for it when my epic pile of conference swag is done. ;)