Friday, May 25, 2012

Is meeting the right one ever an accident?

Accidental Love
Hot Bods Series #3
Lacey Wolfe
Releasing June 18th, 2012
Beachwalk Press
Source: Publisher

Another sweet, sexy novella by Lacey Wolfe.  I do have one complaint though...I wanted MORE!!  I always want more from Lacey, especially with the Hot Bods Series. 

I will say, Lacey sure knows how to write a douche bag, excuse my language, but there really is no other way to describe Matt, the ex who Jane is trying to make jealous.

I enjoyed the chemistry between Jane and Ben, the feeling of wanting to rip each others clothes off the second they walk into the door, but I just wished that the story was a bit longer so that I could get a bit more interaction between them, more of a build-up in the relationship. 

I loved the hero, Ben.  The only word I have to describe him was Debonair...and that was just what I kept thinking in my head as I read the scenes with him and Jane.  Could have used a bit more of him helping to train Toby, and maybe getting to know him a bit more, but all in all, I enjoyed the sparks between these two very different people, and I especially loved the way he thought of her when he pictured a wife and kids sharing his home with him.

I like Jane, our heroine.  She reminded me of a friend who was stuck on the guy who was never good for her, but thought he was the cats meow...even though he was a complete jerk!!  Been there...gave a few shoulders to cry on!!  She was real, and sometimes it takes a "fake" boyfriend to show you what a lady should be treated like, especially one that resembles George Clooney.

So even though I was left wanting...I thought it was a cute romance, with some VERY steamy love makin.  I recommend to those of you who have read the series, and if not, why not grab the first two before June 18th.  A little taste of Lacey is NEVER ENOUGH!!

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Jen Shields said...

Great review, Lisa. Tee-hee, you're so funny. Anyone who resembles Geroge Clooney can not be a horrible thing ;)

*cough* Lots of talented ladies over at Beachwalk Press!