Monday, May 21, 2012

I Have Been Rescued

Rescue Me
Rachel Gibson
Releasing May 29th, 2012
384 Pages
HarperCollins Publishing
Source: Avon Addicts

Oh Rachel Gibson, how I love yours books so.....

Ladies, get your cowboy boots on and get ready to head back to Lovett, Texas where we meet Mercedes Jo Hollowell, who has come back to town for her cousins wedding.  Let's just say that when she rolls into town, the only person welcoming her to Lovett is a sexy as all getout, Vince Haven, who happens to be stuck on the side of the road on his way into Lovett.

Sadie has plans to get in, out and gone, but then some unfortunate circumstances happen and she is stuck in Lovett a lot longer than anticipated.  So she figures while she's on town, she may as well have a Smokin Hot, Friends-with-benefits affair with a certain, very sexy,  green-eyed man.  Vince has his own reasons for being in Lovett, and getting involved with Sadie Jo was not one of the reasons, but who is he to say no to a beautiful, funny woman who is looking to pass the time with a little fun in the sack.

But can these two just be friends-with-benefits, or will their hearts get in the way?

For anyone that reads my blog, you know that I LOVE Rachel Gibson.  I am a HUGE fan, who even when I met her, I think I scared her with all my fan girl drooling!!  Not only do I recommend her books to ANYONE who asks "What Should I read?", but I even own TWO copies of my favorite books by her, just in case I lend one out and I get the urge to read about Luc, Mark, Sam, Nick or Zack.

Rescue Me is just another Sexy, funny, heartbreaking Rachel Gibson Romance.  There is just something that makes her romances so special, I can't explain it.  It could be the humor she puts into her writing, it could be the bad-ass, yummy heroes, the take-no-crap heroines, or the way she makes you fall in love with each and every story.

Not only did I simply adore Vince in Any Man of Mine, but he was so much more than I imagined and the way he was with Sadie, oh I think I may have melted at certain points, and Sadie....she was hysterical, sarcastic and she thought she had it all figured out until she finds herself in a spot where she didn't know as much as she thought.

These two make quite the pair, and I am giving you my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION on this one.  Rachel knows how to gives us a romance that keeps us wanting more, and I am sitting in anticipation for her next release!!  No pressure!! XOXO

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Jen Shields said...

I am sooo excited to read this, especially since I'm in cowgirl mode. Tee-hee. Gonna look for this one.