Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wasn't What I Expected

One Hot Cowboy Wedding
Spikes and Spurs #4
Carolyn Brown
Published April 3rd, 2012
384 Pages
Sourcebooks Casablanca
Source: NetGalley

The will said Ace would keep the ranch if he had a wife and stayed married for a year. Jasmine was just helping him out until Ace's kisses left her longing for a true cowboy husband. It was supposed to be a secret wedding followed by a quiet divorce. But when they won a contest in the little wedding chapel, the secret marriage is exposed to the national media and all hell breaks lose...

Ok, so I will say it hadn't started out that bad.  I liked the hero and the heroine and where the storyline was going, but honestly the POV kept jumping back and forth between the two, there were times I was VERY confused about who was speaking. 

The dialogue started to crumble for me about Chapter two or three.  Especially when she meets his family and his brothers are explaining to Jazzy why Ace has blond hair and they have dark hair....WHAT??  WHO CARES??  or just have her notice the difference.  I really didn't need a whole page of description from his brother, and what brother would even care about stuff like that??

And If I had to hear about his Barb Wire Tattoo keeping the ladies away from getting to his heart one more time...I was going to throw the book.  We get it, his heart was closed off to women, and not one of them was going to get past his tattoo...he said it like every other page...I was very frustrated.

I honestly didn't even finish the book.  I skimmed through to the end and it still didn't do ANYTHING for me, but many reviewers said they enjoyed it, so maybe it was just me. 

My recommendation would be to wait until it comes out at the library or borrow the e-book from a friend.  Everyone should make up their own mind about a book, this one just wasn't the one for me.

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Jaye Shields said...

That is hilarious about the tattoo. I had a boyfriend with one of those tattoos and I too thought it was way cheesy. Unattractive much? I guess that's why the character kept moaning about it ;) Maybe I dumped him in the past...

Damn headhopping. I read a Christine Feehan book, and we all know she's pretty famous, and I couldn't stand it for the reason. I swear, everyother sentence, even within the same paragraph, would be someone else's point of view. Jarring.

Gotta love an honest review. They can't all smell like roses...This is why I trust you, mama.