Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Great End to a Favorite Series

Undone By Her Tender Touch
Pregnancy & Passion #4
Maya Banks
Released May 1st, 2012
162 Pages
Source: NetGalley

This may have just been my favorite of the series. I was SO excited when I found out that Pippa was the heroine for the last book along with Cam.  Broody, surly, handsome Cam.

A one-night stand turns into many more nights together, when Pippa and Cam find out they are having a baby. Cam would have done ANYTHING in the world for this not to have happened, yep...he actually said that to her, talk about wanting to break down and cry. The heated fights, the banter and the spewing of hurtful words, it was so realistic. When two people, who have a one-night stand, who aren't planning to see each other again, find out they are having a baby...yeah...I doubt it's all sunsets and roses.

That is what Maya portrays, a realistic account of them getting to know each other, trying to become friends, him closing off on her because of past hurts, poor Pippa thinking that they may actually have something real just to be shot down again and again by Cam's cold words and hurtful stares.

But Pippa held her ground. As a heroine, I loved Pippa, even since we first met her in Tempted by her Innocent Touch, as Ashley's Best Friend. I had a feeling we were gonna see her again and I was jumping up and down when I found out she was Cam's lucky lady...well...maybe not so lucky, but they really seemed to have some steamy, crazy chemistry in the bedroom, so maybe Lucky after all. Pippa was strong, even when she wanted to crumble. And I adored the way she talked about the baby, her baby.

Oh..this was a good one, and got me crying as usual with this series. I have never loved a Harlequin Series as much as I love the Pregnancy and Passion Series by Maya Banks. She takes me to the highest high's and then the lowest low's, and crushes my heart in between.

Thank you Maya for writing such an Amazing series. Not only did I love EACH AND EVERY book, I was actually anticipating each release day. I don't remember the last time I was so excited about a book release. Maya certainly knows how to pull the emotion out of a reader, especially with this series, and the Heroes...sometimes I wanted to slap them, sometimes I wanted to love them and then I wanted to slap them again. LOVED IT!!

If you haven't read this series yet, GET THEM...ALL OF THEM....You will want the next available once you devour the first one, and the second, and the third.  You wont be able to get enough!!


Mariann said...

Great post!! Thanks for sharing. I love Maya Banks, she is one of my favorite authors!! I haven't read this series yet, it is in my TBR pile. I will have to bump it up on the list!!
Mariann at Belle's Book Bag

jen shields said...

I've been dying to read my first Maya Banks...I Just haven't had time darn it! When schools out...