Thursday, March 22, 2012

Throwback Thursday

The Blue Bistro
Elin Hilderbrand
Released May 30th, 2006
384 Pages
St. Martin's Press
Source: Reviewer Owned

Adrienne Dealey has spent the past six years working for hotels in exotic resort towns. This summer she has decided to make Nantucket home. Left flat broke by her ex-boyfriend, she is desperate to earn some fast money. When the desirable Thatcher Smith, owner of Nantucket's hottest restaurant, is the only one to offer her a job, she wonders if she can get by with no restaurant experience. Thatcher gives Adrienne a crash course in the business...and they share an instant attraction.

But there is a mystery about their situation: What is it about Fiona, the Blue Bistro's chef, who captures Thatcher's attention again and again? And why does such a successful restaurant seem to be in its final season before closing its doors for good? Despite her uncertainty, Adrienne must decide whether she'll move on, as she always does--or finally open her heart…

I LOVE this book!!  I have not read any of Elin's other books, but this one is one of my FAVORITES!!  I got back into reading a few years back after college and I used to go to the library and borrow whatever I could get my hands on, this was one of those books.

I was sucked in from the first few pages, and I fell in love with the storyline and the characters, not just the hero and heroine, but every one of the secondary players.

This is not like your typical romance novel, some may even say it is more 'Women's Fiction", and there are no bedroom scenes, well they are closed-door bedroom scenes, but I didn't care.  The EMOTION of the book, in the book, holds more of the impact.  I didn't even need the love scenes, I had all I needed, and I know you will feel the same way.

Adrienne Dealey has been ALL OF US...In LOVE, frustrated and confused.  That was what I adored about her, she was REAL, her feelings were real and I actually hurt for her, and for Thatcher Smith, our handsome hero.  Though, sometimes I wanted to punch him in the face, I could see exactly where he was coming from, with everything that was going on.

The Nantucket Island setting of the blue bistro was romantic and fun-filled.  One of those small Islands where EVERYONE knows each other's business....and the restaurant setting was exciting and fast paced, learning the In's and out's of the business was also new at the time, and I was captured by the "family" that worked at the blue bistro, especially Mario...hee hee.

I just adored this story and I know you will too.  So grab it, borrow it, buy it, READ IT!! 

Be swept away for the day to Nantucket Island and watch the drama unfold!!